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Horia Andreescu, conducts Haydn and Beethoven, at Sala Radio!

Friday, 5 March 2021 , ora 11.44

On Friday, 5th of March, 19:00, LIVE at Sala Radio in a beautiful master and disciple story straight out of musical history, you can listen to a wonderful HAYDN-BEETHOVEN concert, a new imaginary journey through imperial Viena.

Beethoven studied with Haydn, who was thought to have been the greatest composer of the time back then and the two respected and admired each other in spite of Beethoven's impulsive nature, which clashed with Haydn's elegance and mannerisms. "You give me the impression of a man with multiple heads, multiple hearts and multiple souls" - Haydn said about his student.

At the National Radio Orchestra rostrum, the event will be performed under the baton of the well-known conductor Horia Andreescu. The night shall open with Symphony no. 88 by Haydn and will continue with Symphony no. 7 composed by Beethoven.

Created in Teplice, a spa town in the current Czech Republic, while he was being treated for his numerous afflictions that plagued him his entire life, this score is dedicated to Count Morits von Fries. The premiere took place in Viena on the 8th of December 1813, after a private audition, at the palace of Beethoven's patron, Archduke Rudolf. Wagner said that the symphony's finale is an apotheosis through which Beethoven himself dances with the entirety of nature.

The concert will be broadcast LIVE on all Radio Romania Cultural and Radio Romania Muzical's frequencies - it shall also be streamed live on the internet on www.radioromaniacultural.ro and www.romania-muzical.roand on the Facebook pages of Radio Orchestras and Choirs and Radio Romania Muzical.

The even shall also be hosted LIVE on the official Facebook page of our partners from the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Translated by Yang Jin Cristian,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu