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Shakti - The album ‘’This Moment’’-Jazz hour-3rd of October 2023

Monday, 13 November 2023 , ora 10.48

46 years is a very long time between studio productions. But Shakti is not a normal band, we know that if we listen to the album 'Natural Elements', released in 1977, then we listen to 'This Moment', released in 2023, and we realise that the intensity of the special relationship between co-founders John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain has not diminished at all. They have also been active under the name Remember Shakti in the '90s, toured again in 2012, but never returned. on the formula for a new album. Until, alongside vocal soloist Shankar Mahadevan, violinist Ganesh Rajagopalan and Selvaganesh Vinayakram on mridangam released this album, with all the beauty that exists in today's music, brought back into the world. the cumulative language of many cultures. It matters less whether we call it world music or jazz, because the improvisation and themes contain both jazz modes and phrases from Indian classical music, it's much easier to be glad that such music is appearing today. We can speak of true unity, of wholeness in which everyone has a clear role and everyone participates in sync,moving in and out of this melodic, amazingly rhythmic mosaic in the Konnakol language. A reunion illuminated by the spirit of incredible artists who give us one of the most beautiful albums of 2023.

Translated by Andreea Iulia Udroiu,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu