Cluj – people and music

A programme by Elena Chircev, Oana Andreica and Tatiana Oltean - "Gheorghe Dima"Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca.

Editor: Laura Manzat

Sundays, 16:05-17:00 hrs

Musicians from Cluj at Radio Romania Music

On Radio Romania Musical's fall 2008-2009 grid music devotees will find a new show, created in collaboration with “Gh. Dima” Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca.

Elaborated in three segments, our show tries to acquaint the listeners with the music life of Cluj - at first, music life is approached from the historical perspective, then illustrated through personalities of those times who have agreed to talk to us about their creative work and, finally through the most recent and important events profiled by the specific cultural institutions: “Transilvania” Philharmonic, Romanian National Opera, Hungarian Opera and “Gh. Dima” Music Academy.

The team from Cluj, made up of Oana Andreica, Elena Chircev and Tatiana Oltean, has already gathered a number of urban Transylvanian personalities: composers Adrian Pop, Ede Terenyi and Valentin Timaru, conductor Emil Simon, musicologists Stefan Angi and Francisc Lászlo, performers Ninuca Osanu Pop and Aurel Marc. Alongside the previously named comperes, composer Dora Cojocaru and musicologists Bujor Dânsorean and Gabriela Coca contributed to the evoking of some important moments in the musical history of the town situated at the heart of Transylvania. Among those moments eight concerts played by Bela Batok, from 1920 to 1930, stood out as presented by Prof. Francisc Lászlo, Ph.D. during the show aired on October 19th 2008.

We invite you all to continue listening, to discover fascinating fragments of the history of musical Cluj, through its composers, performers and musicologists.

Author: Elena Chircev
Translated by: Bucurel Alina Maria