Jazz at noon with Andra Ivănescu

In the 20th and 21st centuries musical styles and genres have appeared like mushrooms after a summer rain. We have reached such dissolution of the classical, traditional styles that I am absolutely convinced that there isn’t a soul out there that knows all the existing musical subtypes.

But if this be the case, what can we today call “jazz”? Every time someone improved this genre in some way or another, a new style thus emerged, a new kind of jazz music. Starting from the cool jazz turning to bebop, from fusion to nu-jazz or electronic jazz. It is no longer enough to state about a certain band or interpreter that he or they perform jazz music. Such a description is elliptical and, after all, wrong.

Because the jazz family is a very large one. And in our programme, Jazz at Noon you can listen to that particular style of jazz that you find in the gangster movies back in the day but also to the “new jazz” that you love so very much, although you are unable to define it too accurately.

What could possibly interest you about Jazz at Noon? Perhaps the fact that each episode has its own theme. And believe me, there isn’t more thematic diversity than in the field of jazz:

some are somewhat historical, such as the episodes which cover a specific decade (“The 20s” or “The 30s”),

others offer you a story, like “A day in a jazzman’s life” or

innovative combinations, like “Jazz music and TV series”,

while others are simply sentimental (“Jazz for lovers”, “Autumn melancholy”).

If you have enjoyed one of the past themes and you would like to listen to a new episode covering a similar subject or if you would like to suggest new themes or ideas for the programme, you can send an e-mail at romaniamuzical@srr.ro with “Jazz at Noon” inserted in the “subject” field.
Therefore, I am looking forward to you tuning in toJazz at Noon, every Sunday from 12:30.

Andra Ivănescu
Translated by Iulian Arabagiu
MA student, MTTLC, University of Bucharest