An evening at the Opera

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The Summer Collection, 4th edition
Saturday, 7 July 2012 , 19.00

There is a time for each gesture, experience and thought; and before these materialize, the time of the gesture, experience and thought, cannot exist without a firmly declared purpose. And in this time I bring back - starting this Saturday - An Evening at the Opera: in a generic time called 'The Summer Collection', practically, the time in which I can re-declare myself pro rare operas and I can re-affirm my opinion that, during the summer, nothing is more suitable for a melomaniac than the possibility of exploring new music territories, exotic and to 'live' the opera, at the highest levels of cantability.

Therefore, I already scheduled for this summer titles like: Piramo e Tisbe by Johann Adolph Hasse, I Medici by Ruggero Leoncavallo, Vert-Vert by Jacques Offenbach or Marino Faliero by Gaetano Donizetti - operas that are no longer presented on stage today but, surely, they will be first hearings for many of you; and I resumed the collaboration with university professor Helgomar Răducănescu whose soft tone from the previous editions of the 'Collection' resonated - so it seems - perfectly with the proposed music hearings.

So one can say I didn't fail; and to check me up, listen on this Saturday to the first 'collection' opera: Parisina - an opera composed by Gaetano Donizetti in 1832 for Teatro della Pergola from Florence, which became for many decades, one of Europe's favourite Donizetti operas…

As a novelty, if you are on vacation and you missed An Evening at the Opera on radio, on its minisite from the page, you will find the 12 editions of the Summer Collection from July-September 2012. So don't hesitate opening the programme's site because on every Monday you will find a new audio folder of An Evening at the Opera from the Summer Collection.

Luminița Arvunescu
Translated by Dobrin Irina
MTTLC, Bucharest University