Musica viva

Presented by Liviu Petu, Ana Voinescu and Irina Cristina Vasilescu
Monday to Friday, from 7.15 - 9.30

You find it hard to wake up in the morning... It seems harder and harder every morning. You have your coffee, you get dressed, you watch the latest news on TV, you worry about whatever happened over night and you go to work. While in traffic - crowded streets, horns, nervousness...You get to work totally exhausted...

How familiar is this picture?

It is in your power to make a change.

Listen to the morning show on Radio Romania Music, every morning from Monday to Friday. Plunge into another world, a balanced and serene world that gives you strength: this is the world of classical music, jazz and soundtracks. Find out about the most interesting daily news in musical life as well as the weather forecast.

We guarantee a musical selection of the highest quality, suitable for passionate music lovers as well as for those who are just discovering classical music.

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Cristina Comandasu

Translated by Silvia Bratu