Timisoara - people and music, 16:05 o'clock

In these backward times, governed by kitsch, extreme thrills and cheap entertainment, does one still listen to real music? This question is such a cliché, however, I would fortunately dare answer with a yes!

The current diversity of what the media has to offer, unfortunately also lacking in professional competence per se, seems like a world of the right here and right now, favoring second hand mythologies. In this backdrop of the consumerist society, I know that there are people still trying to save art. We join them in their quest by also striving to rediscover the musical identity of Timisoara.

We invite you to listen to the seven Timisoara - people and music radio series episodes in April and May 2009, on Sundays, starting at 16:05 o'clock. We offer history and portraits of musicians, interviews, musical bands, fragments of contemporary works, music news, emerging artists and anonymous music lovers !

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