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Pianist Zlata Chochieva - album '(re) creations' - CD Review June 22nd, 2021

Russian pianist Zlata Chochieva released the album "(re) creations" on February 12th, 2021, at Accentus Music. Franz Liszt, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Ignaz Friedman are the authors of 21 valuable piano transcriptions of famous creations by various composers, from Johann Sebastian Bach to Gustav Mahler. The 36-year-old Russian pianist Zlata Chochieva has already established herself in the international interpretive landscape, having in her portfolio also 4 albums, such as those dedicated to the complete Chopin Studies or the integral of Rachmaninov's Picture Studies. The prestigious Gramophone magazine included in the top 10 of 2014 her album with Chopin's Studies, considering it among the best with recordings of the Polish composer's music. And Zlata Chochieva's new album, "(re) creations", was among the selections of Gramophone magazine for the April issue of this year.

Interesting and welcome choice of this program registered in the fall of 2020, in full pandemic. In such a tense period for all of us, we need the energy and enthusiasm that radiates from Zlata Chochieva's performance. Especially in the fast-paced pieces, I noticed the crystalline and pearly touch of the pianist who goes through each score with charming ease, as if there were no technical difficulties.

But where did the idea of ​​the Russian pianist Zlata Chochieva for a transcription album come from? From her fascination with the human voice, the supreme natural instrument, loving opera, romance and lied and having an affinity for Schubert's music; thus, Franz Liszt's transcriptions of Franz Schubert's lieds were the starting point for the album "(re) creations".Zlata Chochieva especially appreciates the transcripts of some orchestral works, considering that in this way musical details can be highlighted that we might not notice when listening to the original creation. An example is the transcription of Part II of Gustav Mahler's Third Symphony, by Ignaz Friedman - a forgotten Polish pianist and composer today, who on the wool of his original creations, transcribed for the piano many works more or less. little known. For example, in the second part of Mahler's Third Symphony, Friedman created a spectacular concert piece.The album is included in the project "Discs of the year 2021", to watch on our website, românia-muzical.ro

Florica Jalbă