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Urban Piano Quartet - selections from the album “Piano quartets” - CD Review, the 06th July of 2021

I present you, in premiere on Radio România Muzical, the first album of the Urban Piano Quartet. Simply titled - "Piano Quartets" it was released by Etcetera on the 9th of April. The band consists of violinist Nicolas Dupont, violist Clément Holvoet, cellist Kacper Nowak and pianist Monika Dars, has been established for three years so far, but in 2019 it was already winning profile competitions, such as Supernova or Nordic Strings Competition. On the back of its success, during 2019-2020 the Urban Piano Quartet performed over 30 concerts and has recorded this first record, with musical pieces by Johannes Brahms and the contemporary Latvian composer PēterisVasks.

A very powerful cohesion characterizes the band founded only back in 2018. A debut studio album that assures us that Urban Piano Quartet will have a successful career. What is left to do is following their future projects, especially since the band's fully intention is to approach contemporary compositions.

Florica Jalbă