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Elena Mândru: the album "Hope", Jazzy Hour, November 16th, 2021

Elena Mândru had a rise motivated by passion and work, naturally becoming an international artist. Her evolution is clearly described on the recorded albums and in the concerts in different formulas that support her vocal dynamics and the effervescent, expressive tone with which she goes through the well-thought-out repertoire. The theme of the album released in 2021 is hope, which we all need especially in delicate moments, unexpectedly revealed. "Hope" contains ten songs that Elena sings with a Finnish trio of pianist Tuomas J. Turunen, bassist Oskari Siirtola and drummer Anssi Tirkkonen and Polish violinist Adam Baldych with spectacular performances that add color and sophistication to the songs. The fully controlled voice, regardless of the intention of the sounds, blends organically with the rest of the instruments that clearly develop themes, improvise casually, skillfully follow the rhythmic pulsation and leave room for messages about the permanent need to discover its naturalness and uniqueness, exposed to current challenges. migration, extremism and climate change. Music remains the universal language that celebrates the emotion and fragility of humanity and the need for people to communicate. And Elena Mândru, with the double quality of soloist and group leader, comes with a perfect example of an inspired, original manifestation of an artist connected to the contemporary musical reality.

Berti Barbera