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Anne Sophie Mutter and Mutter's Virtuosi - Music box, 11th of December 2023

An album released by Deutsche Grammophon on the 10th of November 2023 by the celebrated violinist Anne Sophie Mutter and the ensemble of the foundation she leads, Mutter's Virtuosi, recorded in June 2023 at the Musikverein in Vienna.

On the 29th of June 2023, Anne Sophie Mutter turns 60. It is not without significance that she has chosen to celebrate with the young musicians in her foundation's care - 14 artists who now form the ensemble Mutter's Virtuosi. Mutter has always been involved with young musicians, but in 2011 he officially opened the foundation that bears his name, where he supports the professional development of young musicians: training them, playing with them in concerts, supporting them financially, buying them instruments and accessories.An incredible opportunity for a generation of young musicians who have developed over the last 12 years with Anne Sophie Mutter, who also emphasises diversity and inclusion. Alongside Mutter's Virtuosi, the celebrated German violinist toured in the summer of 2023, with a programme that included works by Bach, Vivaldi, a nonet by Andre Previn, and a special concerto for violin and orchestra written by the first successful black composer in Europe: Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint Georges, the son of a white settler in French Guadeloupe, made with one of his black slaves. Joseph Bologne lived from 1745 to 1799; he was a member of the guard of King Louis XVI of France, and conducted at the Paris Opera, where his operas were staged. An extremely interesting character who also had a military career, but who died in anonymity and poverty during the years of terror in a France shaken by revolution; and a very inspired composer, as you will notice when listening to his Concerto No. 2 for violin and orchestra.

In 2015, Anne Sophie Mutter commissioned a work from her former husband, the late composer Andre Previn, specifically to be performed by Mutter's Virtuosi ensemble. This is how the Nonet for double string quartet and double bass was written, which Anne Sophie Mutter included in the programme of her tour in the summer of 2023 with Mutter's Virtuosi. A work full of little surprises, written in a youthful style, with much humour.

Anne Sophie Mutter, a selfless soul and a consummate professional - beyond the stage and her glamorous image, here is Anne Sophie Mutter giving of her time and energy, to young people, to pass on her rich artistic experience, to really help where it is needed.

But the record released on the 10th of November 2023 is not just about charity, it's about artistic excellence. Anne Sophie Mutter brings energy and high standards to the whole ensemble, and is accompanied by extremely talented musicians. Here she is in Vivaldi's Concerto for Three Violins and Orchestra with 28-year-old French violinist Mohamed Hiber, also a collaborator of the West Eastern Divan project led by Daniel Barenboim, and 22-year-old German-Spanish-Chinese violinist Elias David Moncado, whom Mutter recommends as one of the greatest young talents of his generation.

Cristina Comandașu