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Robert Levin (fortepiano) and The Academy of Ancient Music conducted by Laurence Cummings- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- VOL. XI- CD Review, January 11th, 2023

Robert Levin (fortepiano) and The Academy of Ancient Music conducted by Laurence Cummings - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - VOL. XI- CD Review, January 11th, 2023

In the year 1993, American pianist Robert Levin and The Academy of Ancient Music in the United Kingdom, led at the time by Christopher Hogwood initiated an extensive recoring project. The goal was to record the complete scores for harpsichord, fortepiano, organ, or piano and orchestra by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In the end, the collection would comprise of 13 CDs, with the last two scheduled to be released during this year, as the Early Music Academy celebrates its 5th decade since its establishment. On November 3rd, 2023, the 11th volume of this set was released, featuring Mozart's Concertos No. 7 and 10, as well as a concert movement KV 315 in D major for violin, piano, and orchestra. Mozart sketched this movement in 1778 in Mannheim but never completed it. Pianist, musicologist, and composer Robert Levin completed and recorded it in this version, together with violinist Bojan Èièiæ, concertmaster of the Ancient Music Academy in Cambridge, conducted by Laurence Cummings.

Robert Levin is a respected 76-year-old American musician, interpreting harpsichord, organ, and piano. He has also had a remarkable career as a professor at institutions in Europe and the United States. Regarding the groundbreaking discography that will include the complete works for keyboard and orchestra by Mozart, interpreted on both modern and historical instruments, Robert Levin says, "This cycle holds particular significance for the legacy left by Christopher Hogwood as the founder and leader of the Ancient Music Academy, but also for my career. Its completion represents a successful achievement of this project and its extraordinary significance".