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Warren Wolf - 'Chano Pozo Origins' album - Jazzy Hour, 28th of November 2023

Warren Wolf - 'Chano Pozo Origins' - released July 7th, 2023

Warren Wolf is a Baltimore-based multi-instrumentalist and one of modern music's most virtuosic musicians. In ensembles led by Bobby Watson and Christian McBride, as well as on nine albums of his own, he has recorded with an emphasis on marimba and vibraphone, and on his tenth, released in the summer of 2023, entitled "Chano Pozo: ORIGINS" he plays all instruments except wind instruments. During the pandemic he had all the instruments at home and recorded a few tracks that resulted in a spectacular album. Origins is full of unison cursive themes, fully extended harmonies and groove, a fantasy full of rhythms coming from the pulse of a single musician, able to overlap all his skills. Chano Pozo, the name in the album's title comes not from Dizzy Gillespie's percussionist, but from the nickname Warren got from his father as a child, when the first signs of a huge talent were appearing. 'Origins' is about beginnings, passion and influences, on a musical level that few can touch. And I'm not just talking about virtuosity, but everything that goes into exceptional production, especially the creative tension that comes to us in the form of sheer delight.