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Noam Wiesenberg – “Neo Nomadic” – Jazzy hour, the 30th of January 2024

A talented musician is often invited to other places to know if they are one of the chosen ones or not. For the most part, he finds this out while far away from home, but it can guarantee the right path for his life-long passion. The traveller can feel at home wherever he has what he needs, and he can also feel like a stranger anywhere. The artist is not necessarily a nomad, but he goes through times when the plane and hotel keep him from any kind of domestic silence. This is what I thought about when I listened to bassist Noam Wiesenberg's album, a richly and maturely build introspection with modern jazz terms. He regularly divides between his family in America and the professional musician's paths. When you are at home, you wish you'd be on tour, when you are on tour, you wish you'd be home. In fact, the musician and the road go well together. It means that he is booked, so he's chosen, he's good, he has something to say, and the return home is always fully enjoyed. The album "Neo Nomadic" revolves around this theme, being a perfect example of relevancy of the new generations of jazz musicians and an honest meditation on the tension between intimacy and distance, between belonging and outstripping. An emotional and attractive journey in finding the home. Actually, Noam Wiesenberg is the definition of a powerful instrumentalist and composer of our times. He correctly and lucidly translates thoughts, he offers bits and pieces of his world and he involves his feelings in moments of sublime musicality, along with some fabulous musicians: the trumpetist Philip Dizack, the guitarist Charles Altura, the pianist Mike King and the drummer Kush Abadey. We are able to hear the unfolding of life in the quality of an album such as "Neo Nomadic".