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Pianist Burkard Schliessmann - 'Live & Encores' album - CD Review, March 20th, 2024

Johann Sebastian Bach - Italian Concert BWV 971; Robert Schumann - Fantasy Op. 17 in do major.

Pianist Burkard Schliesmann's double disc, released on November 24th by the British label Divine Art Recordings, is distinguished by its stylistic variety and includes musical compositions by Bach, Schumann, Chopin and Mendelssohn, composers whom pianist Burkard Schliesmann considers "titans in musichistory that redefined musical patterns and proportions and, consequently, compositional techniques". The German performer, who approaches a wide repertoire, with an emphasis on pre-classical and romantic creation, made these recordings during a recital in April 2023, at the Fazioli Concert Hall in the Italian town of Sacile.Moreover, he is anadherent of live recordings, relying on his good artistic and emotional connection with the public.

The album's first three pieceson the album are selections fromthe work of Johann Sebastian Bach, one of Burkard Schliessman's favorite composers.The pianist says that"Bach's compositions serve as a bridge that connects distant areas of music, enabling next generations to comprehend the sound creation of the past.They were composed at the end of a major era in the history of music and, although they arerooted in the forms and spirit of the past,their daring and innovative handling of the sound material defines a new musical period".

Burkard Schiliessmann studied at the University of Music in Frankfurt and has a rich concert activity, on stages in Europe, North America and Asia - the Munich Philharmonic, the Frankfurt and Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestras being just some of the ensembles he has collaborated with so far. He is also ahighly respected teacher, who holds courses at important music education institutions in the United States of America. Outside from music, Burkard Schiliessmann is also an underwater swimmer and ambassador of the "Protecting Our Ocean Planet" program; he devotes himself to distinct ecological and social projects, drawing inspiration from various fields such as philosophy or photography. However, music remainsthe major focus of the career of pianist Burkard Schliessmann, who has so far recorded five albums with programsmostly centered on the romantic repertory.

Larisa Clempuș