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Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jean-Luc Tingaud. César Franck - Symphony in D minor. CD Review - March 26th

In November 2023, special recordings took place at the Berlin Radio House featuring the symphonies composed by César Franck and Ernest Chausson. The Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra recorded these romantic masterpieces under the direction of Jean-Luc Tingaud, a 55-year-old French conductor trained at the Paris Conservatory and a disciple of the illustrious musician Manuel Rosenthal. Jean-Luc Tingaud has a rich discography, focusing especially on French symphonic and lyrical repertoire from the romantic period. His recent album, released on January 12th by Naxos, follows the same line.

The first piece on the album is César Franck's unique symphony, created in an innovative cyclical form, with distinct themes appearing in each of its three parts - Lento Allegro ma non troppo, Allegretto, and Finale. Characterized by a pronounced narrative spirit, intensity, and expressive depth, the Symphony in D minor had its premiere at the Paris Conservatory in February 1889, conducted by Jules Garcin, and was dedicated to Henri Duparc, a student of César Franck. Critics' opinions were divided - the publication Le Figaro noted after the premiere: "The new work by Mr. César Franck is a very important composition and has evolved with the extraordinary resources of this erudite musician's art. But it is so dense and substantial that we cannot perceive all its aspects and feel its effects on the first hearing." Indeed, the complexity of this composition and its importance in the romantic repertoire cannot be doubted. And the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra highlights the thematic details of the score, its vast dynamic and agogic palette, providing us with a remarkable interpretation.

Larisa Clempuº