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Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch (violin) and TuijaHakkila (fortepiano) - CD Review, the 29th of March

During his time as kapel-master at Prince Leopold of Köthen's court, between 1720 and 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach composed a collection of six sonatas for violin and harpsichord. The works, structured in four contrasting parts, were admired by the German musician's contemporaries for the way they showcased the timbre and technical possibilities of the violin, an instrument that Bach knew well.

These sonatas have been recorded frequently over the last few decades, with the most recent recording released on the 23rd of February 2024 at the Finnish label "Ondine".

The protagonists are the violinist Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen Pilch and TuijaHakkila on the fortepiano, musicians with an acclaimed artistic career in Finland and other European countries. They have also collaborated in the past on recordings of sonatas by Johannes Brahms and Thomas Byström.

The two artists play historical instruments, Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen Pilchplays a Giovanni Battista Rogeri violin built in Brescia in 1691 and Tuija Hakkila plays a copy of a Gottfried Silbermann instrument created in 1747. Bach himself is known to have played on such a fortepiano from the Silbermann series in Potsdam for the Prussian monarch Frederick the Great and members of the royal household. These two instruments lend authenticity to the performances of the violinist Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen Pilch and the pianist Tuija Hakkila, experienced musicians, teachers and connoisseurs of the Baroque repertoire, forming a technically and stylistically homogeneous duo.

Larisa Clempuș