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Pianist Clara Sverner - CD Review, 1st of April 2024

Johannes Brahms - 3 Intermezzi op. 117; Gabriel Fauré - Prelude op. 103 no. 3 in G minor; Johannes Brahms - 16 Waltzes op. 39

Clara Sverner is one of Brazil's best-known and most respected pianists, with an impressive career in both recording and concert performance. Now at the venerable age of 87, the musician continues her recording work, with her latest record being released on the 8th of March on the Brazilian label Azul Music. The CD features solo piano works by Johannes Brahms and Gabriel Faure and is distinguished by a deep aesthetic sense, lyricism, slow tempos, reverie and subtle melancholy. Intermezzi and waltzes by Johannes Brahms, nocturnes and preludes by Gabriel Faure make up the programme of this record, which I propose to you at Radio România Muzical.

Throughout her prodigious career, Clara Sverner has performed on major stages in Europe, the United States, Asia and South America, presenting a repertoire ranging from 16th century to modern works. The pianist has contributed significantly to the rediscovery and popularisation of the work of Brazilian composers such as Glauco Velasques, Chiquinha Gonzaga and Gilberto Mendes. But she has also recorded pieces by Mozart, Chopin, Satie and Ravel, the pianist's interpretative style being particularly suited to the Romantic repertoire. The artist's refined touch, poetic spirit, depth and musicality can also be admired in her recent record.

Born in Sao Paolo on the 29th of August 1936, pianist Clara Sverner studied in her home town with José Kliass and then in Berlin with Martin Kreuse, a student of Franz Liszt. She continued her studies at the Geneva Conservatory, graduating with the Gold Medal, and at the Mannes College of Music in New York. As a teenager, Clara Sverner won the Wilhelm Backhaus International Competition, a success that brought her international recognition. Since then, she has been invited to give recitals and concerts in prestigious cultural centres and has released no less than 25 repertorially diverse albums.

Larisa Clempuș