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The Equilibrium Quartet. The album "Fantasias" - CD Review, the 19th of April 2024

The Polish Equilibrium Quartet releases its new album - "Fantasias", featuring instrumental fantasies by Polish composers who lived in the 19th century. With its free form, inventive spirit and originality, this kind of musical work, Fantasias, was particularly successful in the Romantic period and was endorsed by Polish composers, among them being Karol Kurpiński, Franciszek Lessel and Zygmunt Noskowski - three composers the members of the Equilibrium Quartet bring to our attention with their album are: violinists Sulamita Šlubowska and Małgorzata Malke, violist Anna Nowak-Pokrzywińska and cellist Tomasz Pokrzywiński.

The Equilibrium Quartet was founded in 2017 in Poland and is made up of young musicians educated at prestigious institutions from Wroclav, Warsaw and Katowice. Trained in the repertoire of the 18th and the 19th centuries, the four instrumentalists work alongside experienced musicologists trying to bring back to life forgotten musical sheets, especially the works of Polish composers from the Classical and Romantic periods.

In 2018, the quartet released its debut album, featuring recordings of Jozef Elsner's Op. 8 quartets played on vintage instruments; and now the band continues its journey into the 19th-century Polish music with this new album (released on April the 19th, 2024, at the All'improvviso label) in which we can admire the virtuosity, uniformity and expressive performance style of the Equilibrium Quartet.

Larisa Clempuș