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Compositions by Gabriel Fauré performed by pianist Lucas Debargue (I-II) - CD Review, May 20th, 21st, 2024

Compositions by Gabriel Fauré performed by pianist Lucas Debargue (I-II) - CD Review, May 20th, 21st, 2024

Ballad op. 19 in F sharp major; Waltz-caprice op. 38; 9 Preludes op. 103; Barcarola no. 3 op. 42 in G flat major; Theme with variations op. 73; Pieces brèves op. 84. For his latest album, released by Sony Classical, pianist Lucas Debargue has chosen less-sung musical jewels from the romantic repertoire - the complete pieces for solo piano by Gabriel Fauré.

This year, on November 4, it will be a century since the great French composer passed away, a suitable occasion for performers to evoke his music. Lucas Debargue finds Gabriel Fauré's creation "imbued with gentle melancholy and sophisticated harmonies", emphasizing these qualities in his interpretation.The pianist researched the entire repertoire starting from the composer's first pieces to his last contributions to piano literature. "Their recording transformed my life, both as a person and as a musician," says Lucas Debargue about his new record collection.Along with this release, the pianist announced that he will include creations by Gabriel Fauré in every recital he has scheduled this year. Besides, the musician has a rich agenda, going to give concerts and recitals this summer in Geneva, Paris, Verbier and in many other cultural centers in Europe.

One of the most talented and non-conformist pianists of his generation, Lucas Debargue, born in Paris in 1990, is appreciated for his original artistic vision and for his creativity, taking his sources of inspiration from literature, painting, cinematography and jazz, to showcase a personal interpretative style and a carefully selected repertoire.He has so far released seven albums with works by composers such as Beethoven, Scarlatti, Chopin, Ravel, Olivier Messiaen and Milosz Magin. The pianist thus covers three centuries of music history and proves that he is a complete performer.

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) was perceived as a composer who made the stylistic transition from the romantic to the modern period in the first quarter of the 20th century. Piano music, characterized by elegance and accuracy, occupied a special place in his creation.The composer spent 60 years exploring the piano and developing a specific aesthetic for this instrument.In his music dedicated to the keyboard we can discover contrasts between spontaneity and austere sonorities, between agitation and calm, and moments of clarity of speech are interwoven with sinuous melodic lines and harmonic ambiguity.Gabriel Fauré has created an impressive number of pieces for solo piano - nocturnes, barcaroles, impromptu, waltzes and many other small pieces, which are included on the four CD collection released in March by the French pianist Lucas Debarge. A particular note in these prints is provided by the instrument that the musician chose for this album, an "Opus 102" piano created by Stephen Paulello in Bourgogne, France. It is Debargue's firm belief that the keyboard music written by Gabriel Fauré deserves a special sound, and this piano fully delivers it, with ideal clarity and the ability to change its sonority, from soft tones to harsh ones.

Larisa Clempuº