Vote the best classical album of 2013

The Pianist Rudolf Buchbinder and Works by Franz Schubert - Music Box, 29th July, 2013

Within the campaign 'Cast Your Vote in the Poll for the Best Classical Album of 2013', I would like to bring to your attention the latest CD of the Austrian pianist Rudolf Buchbinder: works by Franz Schubert, recorded for Sony, an album released on 19th July, 2013.

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Each year, every major foreign publication creates its own top chart of the best and most interesting records that have come out on the market.

So we thought, why not have Radio Romania Musical create such a chart, based on input from you, our listeners?

This idea was the starting point of the campaign "Vote for Best Classical Music Record Of 2013". This, and also the numerous novelty records which Radio Romania Musical has broadcast in the past, predominantly during our programme dedicated to the latest releases, "Music Box" - Mondays at 8pm, but also during other programmes such as "Performers - today and yesterday" (Mondays through Fridays, 1:20pm) or "The opera in famous performances" (Sundays, 8:30pm)

So, starting January 7th and through to the end of 2013, you will be able to rate and comment on your favourite records. Afterwards, the highest rated album with the largest number of votes will be declared Record Of The Year 2013 and we hope to have the leading performer on the record sit in during one of programmes for an event interview for our Romanian listeners.

This is what you have to do. First of all, listen to programmes including broadcasts of records entered into the competition. You can tune in on the radio, or on our website here. Read our editor's reviews which include videos and photographs. Rate, and if you want to, you can send us your own opinions which will be posted on our website as well.

You can also suggest records to be entered into the competition - we assure you we will take them into consideration. To do this, email us at:

But first and foremost, have love for classical music and for those who devote themselves to it, the wonderful Romanian and international artists that we so admire, and the records in the competition.

We will be releasing further information on the campaign on a periodic basis on Radio Romania Musical's Facebook account, so don't hesitate to log in and give us a "like".

Cristina Comandasu