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Foehn Trio: The album ‘Magnesie’ – Jazzie Hour, 19 octombrie

Monday, 18 December 2017 , ora 12.27
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Our daily life movies call for the most meaningful soundtrack which can picture as clear as possible everything that we see and feel, using modern instruments. Moreover, at some point, the soundtrack becomes even more significant than the movie itself, and our own music must be heard in a reflective, deep manner, so it doesn't get confused with some other movie soundtrack. Thus we listen to the new romantic musicians, the new masters of creative impromptu and complex compositions, the creators of ambiences where we can feel comfortable with ourselves. It's a phenomenon that was started by the Scandinavians, and then carried on by the French and the rest of the Western Europe.

Foehn is a familiar name which comes from the legend of that warm breeze that carries the grains of sand from Sahara Desert to the top of the Alps. France has got a jazz trio which takes us on the paths of a wide, far-reaching journey in a similar subtle and peaceful note. Their compositions bring to light delicate harmonies, polyrhythmic melodies, and such other elaborated structures, and the tones are amplified by the resemblance to pop music, with its distinctive notes and twists of rhythm that are so familiar ever since Esbjorn Svensson. Indeed, this whole picture, oscillating between energetic and intimate tones, acoustic and electric sounds, has already become a deja vu and it's setting up as an European jazz platform. This can only favor us all, those who are already familiar with the territory and also aware that there are still new things to be discovered by the brave and the bold. Once released, the trend is to be continued and refined only by the gifted ones. The members of Foehn Trio had put together this album and they share it with us, as a definite statement of what has brought them together on stage.

Berti Barbera
Translated by Daniela Preda,