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The European Stage


23.30 Holiday album (R) For quiet afternoons


Holiday album (R)


0.00 Holiday album (R) For quiet afternoons



An Interview with Soprano Rodica Vică

International Festival "Magic Summer" takes place at the Romanian Athenaeum on the 26th July which is the fourth concert of the sixth edition


ICon Arts 2017 arts and traditions

A surprising 15th edition of the Icon Arts Academy and Festival is taking place these days in several Transylvanian villages situated between Sibiu and Mediaș


Soundtrack of the series - Mozart in the Jungle

We will be listening a selection from the soundtrack of the third season, album released on 9 December 2016, included in the project "Discs of 2017"


Esbjörn Svensson, musical prodigy – Jazzy Hour, January 12th

Esbjörn Svensson was considered a musical prodigy the late twentieth century and the trio he led was called "trio of the decade ', or rather' trio


Roedelius & Kasar - Einfluss album, Music Box, the 24th of July

Einfluss replies to the question: "What happens when two composers from different generations, having different experiences, meet and work together on an album?"