20.00 Preclassical Harmonies


Preclassical Harmonies


21.00 The European Music Stage • Recordings or live concerts.


The European Music Stage


23.30 Contemporary Sounds • A journey into the world of Romanian Contemporary Music.



Julian Lage, ‘Archlight’ Album – Jazzy Hour, the 15th of March 2018

There is still no word for that thing that gives an artist personality, the thing which makes him different that the others, beyond talent and technique


Composer Benny Andersson: selections from the album “Piano” — CD Review, the 27th of October 2017

An album that came out at the end of last month on September 29th, under the aegis of the prestigious "Deutsche Grammophon", which puts the spotlight on the composer and pianist Benny Andersson, one of the most creative members of the famous ABBA pop band