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Tord Gustavsen Trio - 'The Other side' album, released on August 21st, 2018 - Jazzy Hour October 27 2018

Monday, 19 November 2018 , ora 10.28
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The jazz trio allows the instruments to perfectly blend and reach the highest level of fusion, also known as "interplay". This would be the most accurate introduction to pianist Tord Gustavsen's first albums, but especially to what follows after several years of hard work and dedication, to the refinement of the charm, and for reaching the uniqueness of the album "The Other Side", the return to the trio, in a different formula, but apparently just as elaborate. Jarle Vespestad remains the loyal and perfectly suitable drummer, and the new bassist Sigurd Hole comes with an eclectic approach, ideal for Gustavsen's melodic and gradually-developed pieces. "The Other Side" is characterised by serenity, by the sacred music he heard in his childhood and by Norway's folk songs, each turned into lifetime passions. Any sound, ranging from its static low pitch to the flowing dynamics, is so beautifully rendered, that is makes us believe in telepathy. The title conveys multiple ideas, based on the creative side, different from how it was until recently. The transition from quartet to trio, the death of the bassist from the original ensemble and the adjustment of the inner voice to the musical content. "The other side" can appear anytime, in a moment of accumulation or of return to balance, when the musicians are listening to themselves rather than playing. The influential music from childhood comes back more abstract, like a passion divided in three. The artist takes a touch and transmits it to us in a form reflected by our own perceptions and emotions. Tord Gustavsen brings the essence to us, that of being able to move, to touch others with what you allowed to touch you.
Berti Barbera
Translated by Badea Stefan, Mttlc 2nd year MTTLC