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She is...

The nicest, most kind, most researched elf; even more, she is the most hardworking, almost know-it-all. Nobody can compete with her when it's about music, especially the theoretical side. Nothing get past her! Indeed, NOTHING, not even the fact that we, Tone Tinytone and I, are sometimes distracted, superficial and forgetful. She never forgets about it but what is most disturbing she is constantly reminding us! But I must confess that if you happen to require her help, if we happen to be in a pickle, she is the only one who can help us. I remember one time a while back when Tone Tinytone's tomcat, you know, Tommy with a Bang, was enchanted by the Shadow Queen to play Serghei Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Paganini theme on the piano and she was the only one who knew how to ask Mr Cricket the right questions in order to obtain passage to the Kingdom of Shadow. And this is but one of many examples.

What does she do?

Surely, she reads a lot. She is constantly reading, studying, analyzing and reading some more. Of course, like all elves, she listens to music and has a whole list of favorite pieces. I have recently entered one of her dreams and it was one of the nicest dreams that I have ever seen or heard of: Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov's Scheherazade, this is what she was dreaming of. Imagine that! It was wonderful!

What are her hobbies?

It’s not even worth mentioning: books, of course! She just loves old books, the thicker the better, where she can find a lot of precious information. She is most fond of The Music Book. She wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole world. We, Tone Tinytone and I, we could give away some book or other in order to help out a friend, but she, to give up The Music Book - it's out of the question! Next, she likes scores. She even has a Magic score. You open it and if you place your finger on the scale, it begins to play. As soon as you lift your finger, it stops. You may ask yourselves how I know all this. Well, she showed it to me when Tone Tintytone lost his fixed idea. We then listened to Hector Berlioz Fantastic Symphony. I should add to Pocchettina's list of hobbies the small pranks that she likes to play on me. Every change she gets, she puts spells on me, and she tries to trick me, all in the hope of getting me to become even more unknowing than Tone Tinytone. I have no idea why she acts like this. Maybe because she would love to have wonderful dresses and nice jewelry like I do...

Translated by: Iulian Arabagiu
MA student, MTTLC, Bucharest University

Str. General Berthelot, Nr. 60-64, RO-010165, București, România