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Articles from 2017

Thursday, 21 (3)
A Symphonic Christmas in the Old Town- Interview with conductor Florin Totan
Interview with pianist Alexandra Dariescu
Alexandru Tomescu – Special Christmas concert at The Romanian Atheneum
Tuesday, 19 (2)
Interview with priest Matei Zaharia, conductor of the 'Te Deum Laudamus' choir
Extraordinary New Year’s Eve Concert organized by the Calea Victoriei Foundation. Interview with conductor Tiberiu Soare
Monday, 18 (2)
Interview with the pianist Florian Mitrea about the Piano Festival 'Hoinar'
Interview with conductor Cristian Mandeal
Friday, 15 (1)
'Magical Winter' – a new concert at the Romanian Athenaeum
Thursday, 14 (1)
Christmas concert for children performed by The Radio Room Orchestra
Wednesday, 13 (2)
Concert dedicated to the centenarian Dinu Lipatti in Zurich – interview with pianist Viniciu Moroianu
Interview with conductor Voicu Popescu
Wednesday, 6 (1)
Romania’s National Day- Interview with historian Georgeta Filitti
Tuesday, 5 (3)
Pianist Viniciu Moroianu talks about the concert he will perform at Radio Hall on the National Day of Romania
Pianist Alexandra Dariescu – special concerts in London and Vienna
Interview with the conductor Gabriel Bebeșelea – about his concert at Musikverein in Vienna
Monday, 4 (3)
Interview with Voicu Enăchescu, founder and conductor of the 'Preludiu' Chamber Choir
50 years of international music exchange - Interview with Pascale Labrie, Head of Music EBU
Interview with Andrei Ioniță about the recital he will perform at Wigmore Hall, in London
Wednesday, 15 (1)
Interview with Soprano Silvia Voinea at Her Anniversary
Tuesday, 17 (1)
'Synopsis about Enescu' by Pascal Bentoiu - Ioana Bentoiu and Tiberiu Comandașu - Radio House Publishing
Friday, 13 (2)
Interview with musicologist Valentina Sandu-Dediu about the volume 'Looking for Consonances'
Listen to classical music for 5 minutes; interview with Adrian Brăescu
Monday, 9 (1)
Auditions in Romania for the European Union Youth Orchestra – Interview with Alexandru Mija
Thursday, 28 (1)
The George Enescu Festival, 2017. Interview with Mihai Constantinescu, the director of Artexim
Thursday, 24 (2)
Interview with the musicologist Mihai Cosma
Tenor Andrei Lazăr about the 'Don Giovanni' performance at the Bucharest National Opera
Thursday, 17 (2)
Elisabeth Leonskaja at the Romanian Athenaeum
'Classics for Pleasure' Festival took place in Sibiu - Interview with conductor Constantin Grigore
Friday, 11 (1)
Pianist Cristian Sandrin - Recital within the 'Enescu and the World Music Festival'
Monday, 7 (2)
Interview with Mezzosoprano Florentina Soare, Winner of the 'Hariclea Darclée' Grand Prix, the 2017 Edition
The beginning of the 18th edition of the 'Enescu and the music of the world' International Festival. An interview with Marin Cazacu, the organizer of the even
Wednesday, 26 (1)
An Interview with Soprano Rodica Vică
Tuesday, 25 (1)
'Hariclea Darclee' International Singing Competition and Festival 2017
Friday, 21 (1)
Interview with Pianist Luiza Borac
Wednesday, 12 (1)
Interview with Theodore Coresi - the artistic director for the 'Hunedoara Lirică' International Festival of Classical and Opera Music
Monday, 10 (1)
Romanian Youth Orchestra - a Concert held during the 'Magic Summer' International Festival
Friday, 30 (1)
A new edition of the 'Musica Barcensis' Festival starts
Friday, 23 (1)
'A midsummer's night dream' Festival - Interview with violinist Alexandru Tomescu
Monday, 29 (1)
Interview with conductor Cristian Oroșanu
Friday, 26 (2)
The release of the book 'Ioan Vidu - The Songsmith of the Great Union' by Constantin Tufan Stan in Lugoj
Interview with Simona Dordea, spokesperson for the Cluj Opera
Thursday, 25 (2)
First audition at The International New Music Week - Interview with composer Mihai Măniceanu
Start: Green Hours Jazz Fest 2017!
Tuesday, 23 (1)
Interview with pianist Alexandra Dariescu
Tuesday, 16 (1)
The Hungarian Music Festival commences - Interview with Kosa Andras, director of the Balassi Institute
Monday, 15 (1)
Recital and sheet music release commemorating poet Mariana Dumitrescu - Interview with Ilinca Dumitrescu
Friday, 12 (1)
Interview with pianist Eduard Stan
Wednesday, 10 (1)
Recital of the Pianist Vlad Dimulescu at the Romanian Athenaeum
Tuesday, 9 (1)
The 'Stradivarius' Tour 2017 - between the 13th of May and the 9th of June
Monday, 8 (1)
Interview with conductor Gabriel Bebeșelea
Friday, 5 (2)
The Remember Enescu 2017 Contest - interview with violinist Sherban Lupu
Interview with composer Kalevi Aho
Tuesday, 4 (1)
Interview with Horia Mihail, two days before the debut of the 'Traveling Piano' national tour - 2017
Wednesday, 29 (1)
'A unique event in Romania' - states Cristi Moraru, director of 'Jazz in Church Festival'
Friday, 10 (1)
The premiere of the 'Romeo and Juliet' ballet at ONB - Interview with the two principal dancers
Friday, 3 (1)
Interview with soprano Irina Iordăchescu
Thursday, 2 (1)
Interview with the baritone Florin Estefan
Thursday, 23 (1)
'We set the tone'- the new show of the National Music University (UNMB)
Wednesday, 22 (2)
First audition of one of Dinu Lipatti's works at the Romanian Athenaeum!
Interview with the violinist Răzvan Popovici
Friday, 17 (2)
Interview with tenor Teodor Ilincăi
The Royal Camerata - the first concert of 2017
Thursday, 16 (1)
Ana Cristina Leonte at the Radio Hall
Wednesday, 8 (1)
Interview with baritone George Petean
Friday, 3 (1)
Mini-festival Enescu in Montreal - Interview with pianist Ruxandra Oancea
Thursday, 2 (1)
'Lipatti between worlds' - an exposition of ICR Vienna
Thursday, 19 (1)
Interview with Angela Drăghicescu
Wednesday, 18 (1)
Interview with Mihai Iordache