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Articles from 2023

Wednesday, 29 (2)
Interview with violist Traian Boală, member of the Arcadia Quartet
Interview with tenor Florin Guzgă
Monday, 27 (5)
This week’s guest on Perpetuum Mobile, Mr. Răzvan Ioan Dinca, President and General Director of The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society, talking with Gabriel Marica
Interview with pianist Ștefan Doniga
Interview with tenor Andrei Fermesanu, acting general director of the Romanian National Opera in Iași
Interview with conductor John Axelrod
Interview with Ioana Stănescu about the Youth International tour
Thursday, 23 (2)
Interview with Tiberiu Soare
Interview with Laurentiu Constantin, manager of the Sempre Ensemble
Wednesday, 22 (1)
Interview with pianist Alexandra Dariescu
Monday, 20 (6)
Intreview with violonist Alexandru Tomescu
Răzvan Popovici about the XI edition of the SoNoRo Conac Tour
Interview with conductor Jessica Cottis
Interview with baritone Liviu Holender
Beautiful minds" - Interview with pianist Angela Drăghicescu
Interview with pianist Raluca Știrbăț
Thursday, 16 (5)
Interview with conductor Leo Hussain
Interview with Ciprian Țuțu, conductor of the Academic Radio Choir
Interview with conductor Cristian Măcelaru
Interview with pianist Simon Trpceski
Interviewing British conductor Jonathan Bloxham
Tuesday, 14 (3)
Interview with jazz singer Irina Sârbu
Ioan Holender about the conference he is to hold at the Romanian Athenaeum
Interview with Verona Maier about the 14th edition of the “Chei” Festival
Monday, 13 (5)
ICMA 2023 - Artist of the year: soprano Ermonela Jaho
Invited to Perpetuum Mobile, violinist Ioana Cristina Goicea and conductor Cristian Oroșanu, have a conversation with Gabriel Marica
Interview with flutist Matei Ioachimescu
Interviewing composer Dan Dediu
Interview with director Andreea Tănăsescu
Friday, 10 (1)
Discovery Award winner Leonhard Baumgartner: «The award is giving me a new and greater responsibility»
Thursday, 9 (1)
Interview with the flutist Ion Bogdan Ștefănescu
Tuesday, 7 (2)
Interview with pianist Rodica Dănceanu
Interview with violonist George Tudorache
Monday, 6 (7)
Mahan Esfahani: «I have all of Bach’s harpsichord music on my fingers, I’ve played every single note of it»
Interview with pianist Alexei Volodin
Interview with pianist Mara Dobrescu
Christopher Warren-Green - Guest of the Week on Perpetuum mobile
“Beautiful Minds” - Interview with violist Răzvan Popovici, executive director of the Sonoro Festival (II)
Interview with cellist Andrei Ionita
Interview with cellist Valentin Rădutiu
Thursday, 2 (1)
Interview with Emil Pantelimon, manager of Corul National “Madrigal- Marin Constantin”
Tuesday, 28 (2)
Interview with pianist Stefan Doniga
Interview with violonist Mihaela Martin
Monday, 13 (2)
Interview with baritone singer Florin Estefan - General Director of the Romanian National Opera of Cluj-Napoca
Violinist Valentin Șerban and piano player Daria Tudor, the week’s guests at Perpetuum mobile, in a dialogue with Gabriela Marica
Friday, 10 (4)
Interview with conductor Cristian Mandeal
Interview with Lera Auerbach, pianist and conductor
Interview with the trumpeter Alex Sipiagin
Interview with Maria Popa
Thursday, 9 (2)
Interview with the pianist Daria Tudor
Interview with violonist Valentin Șerban (III)
Wednesday, 8 (2)
Interview with Mihai Constantinescu
Interview with baritone Konstantin Krimmel
Monday, 6 (2)
Cristina Uruc, Artexim manager, about the 2023 edition of the George Enescu International Festival
Interview with the oboist Felicia-Gabriela Greciuc
Friday, 3 (3)
Interview with violonist Valentin Serban (II)
Interview with music critic Dumitru Avakian
Interview with conductor John Axelrod
Thursday, 2 (3)
"Beautiful minds" – Interview with Cristian Măcelaru
Interview with conductor Cristian Orosanu
Interview with Smaranda Oțeanu-Bunea
Tuesday, 31 (3)
Interview with violist Răzvan Popovici
Interview with pianist Josu de Solaun
Musician Cătălin Milea, this week’s guest at Perpetuum Mobile, in conversation with Gabriel Marica
Monday, 30 (6)
Interview with soprano Valentina Nafornită
Interview with violonist Valentin Șerban (I)
Interview with Monica Isăcescu about Houses of Musicians, an award-winning project at the Musicrit Gala
Interview with Marin Cazacu, manager of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic
Interview with Anca Ioana Andriescu
Interview with conductor Laurent Wagner
Wednesday, 25 (6)
Interview with tenor Daniel Magdal - deputy general manager of the National Opera Bucharest
Matei Ioachimescu and Irina Rădulescu, about their presence on the Radio Hall stage
Liliana Staicu, about the concerts from January to March 2023, from Sala Radio
Interview with the violinist Răsvan Dumitru
Interview with violonist Andrei Ioniță
Interview with violinist Alexandru Tomescu
Thursday, 19 (2)
Interview with orchestra conductor Jordi Mora
Interview with conductor Andrei Stănculescu
Tuesday, 17 (2)
This week’s guest at Perpetuum Mobile, Luminița Arvunescu, the president of the Critics, Editors and Musical Creators’ Union from Romania, discussing with Gabriel Marica
Interview with pianist Ștefan Doniga
Monday, 16 (4)
Interview with the percurssionist Alexandru Rogalski
Interview with conductor Adrian Morar
Interview with the pianist Kira Frolu (II)
"Beautiful minds" - Interview with Alexandru Tomescu
Thursday, 12 (1)
Interview with pianist Kira Frolu (I)