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Interview with pianist Mara Dobrescu

Monday, 6 March 2023 , ora 10.53

How would you describe the program for the Mărțișor Concert at Sala Radio?

It truly is an exceptional one! As the four of us are romantic type of musicians, a lot of the chosen pieces have a lot of liricism in them, some of them actually being transcriptions from the original pieces, as in the case of the ones of Fauré. It is a program through which we tried to bring a little of the spring's spirit, actually thanks to Fauré and this particular piece, Papillon, which was meant to bear the name Libellules, but the editor chose this name, "Little Butterfly" instead. So let us hope that the the little butterflies would bring the spring! We will finish the programme with an absolutely fantastic piece, which I'm sure will make the audience come out singing along the last part of Dvoűák's Piano Quartet No. 2.

Since you've mentioned Antonin
Dvoűák's Piano Quartet No. 2., which do you consider to be the role of the piano in it?

The piano is, undoubtely, in permanent dialogue with the other musicians and for me this was a pleasant discovery, because I hadn't performed it before, but listened to a lot of its versions, even in concerts. It is a monumental piece. As I was saying, for this fourth part it is certain that the composer was inspired by a folkloric theme and yes, the piano part is very dramatic, in the real sense of the word, theatrical even.

After this concert, would there be another collaboration with violinist Mihaela Martin, Răzvan Popovici and cellist Valentin Răduțiu?

I sincerely do hope so. I have been following Mihaela Martin since she was a child and I am impressed by everything she does. I have performed a lot of pieces from the alto repertoire for piano with Răzvan Popovici, even in Paris recently and also trio works with the fantastic soprano Roxana Constantinescu. This is the first time collaboration with Valentin Răduțiu, and I hope not the last.

What other events are there in your agenda for the next period?

At the beginning of February I have perfomed in the La Folle Journée Festival in Nantes, as well as in Limoges's Opera. Also, for the ones who may miss the "Mărțișor" concert at Sala Radio, they can follow me, violinist Manon Galy and cellist Kacper Nowak, along with conductor Simone Menezes on the Mezzo channel, on March 6th from 10 PM. The concert from the Vienna Philharmonic, where we performed Beethoven's Triple Concerto by will be broadcasted then. Together, we will also have concerts in March and then, in April, I will be with K - Ensemble , an ensemble that I have been part of for some time and with which I will perform in some concerts in northern France. I will also be performing with the "Face à Face" Quartet at Nancy. I also want to resume the programme with Răzvan Popovici and Roxana Constantinescu, here in the country.

Interview by Ana Sireteanu
Translated by Georgiana Morozii,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu