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Interview with pianist Alexandra Dariescu

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 , ora 10.20

Starting with 22nd of March 2023, Radio România Muzical will broadcast both in Iași and on FM, not just online. In order to celebrate the launching of our new radio frequency, Radio România Muzical has prepared, together with the most important musical institutions in Iași, a festival including two recitals, a concert and an opera performance. All events will be broadcasted by Radio România Muzical. On Friday, 24th of March, starting with 7 PM, pianist Alexandra Dariescu from Iași will perform together with "Moldova" Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tiberiu Soare, during an event which is going to take place at Students' Culture House in Iași.

Further details will be provided by pianist Alexandra Dariescu:

Alexandra Dariescu, we do say about yourself that you are a friend of the only Romanian radio station dedicated to art music - Radio România Muzical. You performed many times on Radio Hall's stage in Bucharest - first time on 24th of March 2017. Back then, Radio România Muzical was celebrating 20 years of existence. Can you describe that concert conducted by Cristian Măcelaru? And what marked the beginning of the collaboration with our radio station?

It has been one of the most wonderful collaborations and experiences throughout my career. Radio România Muzical is my friend, as well as every amazing person working for this radio station.

Now we have this interview and, of course, I am on my tour, but it's great that we keep in touch. I'm so happy! That 2017 concert was… it was a concert of joy, and it was also my first collaboration with master Măcelaru. The hall was beyond full and the audience welcomed us with such love and warmth!

How would you describe your relationship with Radio România Muzical throughout these six years of time?

You were always by my side when I went on tours. Wherever I am, we talk on the phone and have an interview. And it is such a beautiful relationship because you help me a lot to keep in touch with Romania, to keep in touch with all Romanian music lovers, and you're by my side; that's how I feel about you all the time! I feel you close.

On 24th of March, you are going to perform in Iași a Grieg Concert­ - an event which is part of the festival organised by Radio România Muzical with the occasion of launching a new radio frequency. I know that before reaching Iași, you performed Grieg's infamous score during two concerts in Spain. Is there a reason for which you chose this work to be a part of your most recent concerts?

This season is very busy, and since August, since I've been on tour, I've had a different schedule every week in a different country. However, I return to Iași every time with love in my heart. It's home. That's where my family is, my musical family, and I have never performed the Grieg Concert in Iași. I first performed it in Bucharest at "George Enescu" Festival, but never in Iași, and I thought this would be a perfect occasion. The Grieg Concert provides so much hope and optimism and good mood for such a special occasion. The ending of this concert makes you want to hug the world. I believe it is a suitable performance for this event.

You live in Great Britain, but you often return to Iași, your home town. How do you feel when performing here and what are your thoughts regarding this festive event?

Usually when I return home I feel nervous, whether it comes to Iași or any other Romanian city. The last time I performed there was in December, when I chose to perform Symphonic Variations by César Franck, at his exact 200 years anniversary. It was like a little knot right before performing Bozar in Bruxelles, together with Alan Altinoglu and La Monaie Orchestra. It was an extraordinary event, where I received flowers from many from the audience. My 6-year-old nephew was there, along with my 87-year-old grandmother. Of course, I began crying on stage, and these moments are not usual for me, at least. So, this was three months ago, and I can't wait the Friday night concert.

I lived listening to people from Iași Philharmonic… I was always in the hall on Fridays while listening and watching them. They were musical gods, I don't know! As a child you regard people on stage as the most wonderful thing on earth. And now, performingon stage with them at such a special occasion for Radio România Muzical is a huge privilege and a joy without limits.

How important do you think it is that Radio România Muzical - the only radio station dedicated to art music, which celebrates now 26 years of existence - can be listened on FM in Iași, not just online, as it used to be?

It is of utmost importance! And I'm beyond delighted that you chose Iași and that we can bring Radio Romania Music to Iași. We all need culture, we need art like breathing fresh air, and I cannot describe how much joy and delight this radio station will bring to the Iași audience. Moreover, there will be broadcasts from the Philharmonic, from the Opera - extraordinary institutions that are fighting and that bring this happiness in people's hearts. This could not have been done without Radio RomâniaMuzical!

Can you encourage people from Iași to listen to Radio România Muzical?

Great news for all music lovers! Radio România Muzical comes to Iași and we are sure that it will be even closer to the souls of each of us. We welcome them with good quality music, as usual, awesome and interesting news and let's meet together as often as possible in Iași!

And last but not least, as you mentioned, our listeners have learned about your activity from the news where we have announced your presence on various stages of the world. What projects do you plan to surprise your music lovers with in the near future?

I have had a very rich year and I am very blessed for this, especially after the pandemic. The next few months are amazing, and as you know, I am a very passionate and dedicated musician when it comes toshedding the light to the works of female composers and making classical music a little more accessible to the public. There are many concerts - everything is on social media, on the website. But, we see each other every time with great love, either online or in person.

Interview conducted by Florica Jalbă
Translated by Mara-Sabina Rolea,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu