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Interview with Irina Iacob, the coordinator of the AdMusicam project

Thursday, 2 November 2023 , ora 11.36

Irina Iacob, let us recall what the AdMusicam project means and to whom it is addressed to.

The AdMusicam project started in 2016.It was initiated by the Romanian Cultural Institute and it is addressed to young musicians that are no more than 25 years old. The project aims to prepare young musicians for their future careers and toaid them in their personal and professional development through an internship that we organize annually and lasts two weeks, at the Cultural centre, Palatele brâncovenești, in Mogoșoaia.

Within the annual training program AdMusicam, there have been recitals, flash mobs and, of course, a final concert that presents the participants of the internship. Therefore, the opening of a series of concerts that happen throughout the year and are not a part of the internship, came as a natural consequence. And this is why we initiated the AdMusicam Concert Series in 2017, which aims to offer musicians a platform to present themselves to the public, but also the possibility to put into practice their new-acquired skills; and, of course, to fulfil their final objective, making music.

This autumn's first recital, a part of the AdMusicam Concert Series, called Metamorphoses, will take place on Wednesday, November 1st. Who are the protagonists of the event and what is the program that you are putting forth to the Sala Mică audience of the Romanian Athenaeum?

For this concert, which acts as an opening to the autumn season of the AdMusicam concert series, we will be having an eclectic program and similar interpreters. There will be the Niobe piece from the Six Metamorphoses after Ovid by Benjamin Britten - this work is the one that also gives the concert its title. Somehow, it has become a tradition of ours that the title is givenby a piece from the program. Afterwards, there is a trio by Ludwig van Beethoven, another byEdouard Destenayfor the piano, oboe and clarinet. The next piece is Improvisation for violin by Dinu Lipatti, and the end will be represented by Quartettsatz by Franz Schubert.

There are eight young musicians that will be performing within the AdMusicam program of this summer: violinists Iarina Ișfan and Cristina Drăghici, violist Marius Antohi-Lupu, cellist Ștefan Ciceu, Alexandr Vasiliogloat the double bass, clarinetist Raluca Ciula, oboist Laura Borodiand Fabiani Prcsinaat the piano. I would say that such an ensemble could be called eclectic, since we have two musicians that come from Cluj and two from Chișinău. I believe that this collaboration between different areas and music schools is beneficial for both the interpreters, but also for the audience, which is going to witness an association of musical and didactic traditions from Romania and Moldavia.

I would like you to tell us more about the next recitals of the AdMusicam Concert Series project.

We are going to have two more concerts until the end of the year: on November 22nd and December 20th. Both will be taking place at the headquarters of the Romanian Cultural Institute. We are also preparing an interesting and exciting program. As usual, we will present pieces by Romanian composers and internationally acclaimed composers; they range from classics to contemporaries - I mean Maurice Ravel and Ernest Bloch's music. Moreover, we are glad to have as guests, as we did during the spring season, renowned musicians, with already well-developed careers, who come to play together with their younger colleagues, such as flautist Ioana Bălașafrom the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra or Constantin Borodin, who is, as you well-know, the winner of the 2022 edition of the George Enescu International Contest.

We are waiting for you at our first concert, taking place at Sala Mică in the Romanian Athenaeum on the 1st of November at 5 pm and, of course, we are waiting for you at our next concerts as well - to listen to the musicians that will be putting forth the fruits of their efforts and to enjoy music!

Interview by Ana Sireteanu
Translated by Adelina-Maria Mănăilescu,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu