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Interview with conductor Simona Strungaru

Tuesday, 13 June 2023 , ora 9.54

On Wednesday, May 31st, the Radio Big Band is giving a special concert called Jazz for Kids on the occasion of World Children's Day. From 7 pm, the Radio Children's Chorus, conducted by Răzvan Rădos, together with the orchestra led by Simona Strungaru, and also some surprise guests,will be performingon the Radio Hall stage. Simona Strungaru will be offering us more information about the Jazz for Kids program in an interview by Viorel Grecu.

The Radio Big Band has shown many of its sides throughout this season. We will be discovering the yet most candid one as well. You are preparing a special concert for the 1st of June, which is actually taking place a day before. The program looks quite complex. I would like you to tell us what it is about.

We have been preparing this concert on the occasion of Children's Day. It is a concert in which we will be performing many well-known works that appeal to many childhood times, which, we hope, will create a feeling of eternal childhood, since it is not only aimed at children, and, somehow, for sure, it will reach the soul of each and every one that remembers the times of their own childhood.

There will be music from cartoons, I take, from many generations, which means many childhood times.

Exactly. From many generations, and not only cartoon music, but also music taken from the soundtracks of well-known movies, and works that are very significant for the world of jazz and even rock. We have a wonderful collaboration with the Radio Children's Chorus, led by the conductor Răzvan Rădos, and together with them we will be also bringing forth works belonging to the pop-rock genre.

How are the rehearsals with the Children's Choruscoming along? The collaboration between the two ensembles?

As of right now, the rehearsals are in the making and they are going pretty well. It is a pleasure to perform together, for they remind us of the joy of singing and being together. There is this extraordinary energy that the children keep exuding that none of the older artists should ever forget.

There will also be guests. From what I have seen on the poster, it's about the New Vegas Show, a vocal duo which made quite a good impression together with the Big Band some months ago.

There are many other soloists that will be there, apart from the New Vegas Show duo; children that are younger or older.That is what I am trying to say. What I truly wish from this concert is to make it known that this type of music is and must be accessible to the public, but also to those who see themselves working in the musical field and to those who wish to perform on the Radio stage at some point and on the greater stages of the world, conveying this beautiful feeling that music offers us. That is why I would like us to talk about what it means to belong to the Big Band and the opportunity to create such music by the Big Band members, but also through the eyes of children.

There will also be an educational part. From what I understand, musicians from the Big Band will explain things about their instruments in simple terms for the children.

Exactly. Everything will be pleasant and will be presented in the form of a show, of course.

Technically, the adults accompanying their children at the show will also have something to learn.

Definitely. If someone is curious and wants to learn more about the instruments that they are listening to.

Interview by Viorel Grecu
Translated by Adelina-Maria Mănăilescu,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu