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Articles from 2021

Wednesday, 8 (3)
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, band conductor Manfred Honeck-Brahms and MacMillan: Music box, the 6th of December 2021
The violinist David Grimal and Les Dissonances Ensemble - Music box, November 29, 2021
Alexander Krichel the pianist – Music box, 29th of Novembre 2021
Monday, 15 (1)
Vikingur Olafsson – Mozart and his contemporaries: Music box, 15 November
Tuesday, 2 (1)
The pianist Cadmiel Boțac – the debut album, published by the Home Radio Publishing House – Music box, 1st of November 2021
Thursday, 28 (1)
The violinist Janine Jansen and the pianist Antonio Pappano – the album '12 Stradivari' - Music box, October 25th, 2021
Thursday, 21 (5)
Pianist Daniil Trifonov - selections from the album "The art of life" - Music box, 18th of October 2021
Violinist Jaros³aw Nadrzycki and flautist Krzysztof Kaczka, L'Appassionata Chamber Orchestra (Lorenzo Gugole, concertmaster) - album excerpts from “Johann Sebastian Bach - concertos for violin and flute” - CD Review, September 22nd, 2021
The pianist Jan Lisiecki – Nocturnes by Frédéric Chopin– Music box, October 4th, 2021
Pianist Seong Jin Cho - Music box, October 11th, 2021
Cellist Rudolf Leopold and pianist Raluca Știrbãț – the integral of George Enescu’s works for cello and piano – Music box, September 27th, 2021
Wednesday, 20 (5)
Trio Lontano & Adrian Stanciu- selections from the album “W³adys³aw ¯eleñski- chamber music”- CD Review, September 7th, 2021
The pianist Josu de Solaun – selections from the album “Schuman and Brahms – digressions” CD Review, 22nd of September 2021
Pianist Ingrid Carbone - album"Liszt - le sentiment de la nature" - CD Review, 14th of September 2021
The National Room Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” – selections from the album “Madrigal-Ave Maria” – CD Review, 7th of September 2021
Soprano Dorothee Mields and the Boreas Quartett Bremen ensemble – selections from the ”Basevi Codex – Music at the Court of Margaret of Austria” – CD Review, September 14th 2021
Monday, 18 (9)
Violonist Brieuc Vourchand pianist Guillaume Vincent – Sonata Op. 18 in E-flat major – CD Review, 24th August 2021
Dorothee Oberlinger –recorder (blockflote) and Edin Karamazov - lute: selections from the album "Dialogue" - CD Review, August 24th, 2021
Pianist Vittorio Forte—the „Earl Wild: (re)visions” album—CD Review; September 1st, 2021
Thüringer Bach Collegium-selections from Virtuos album-CD Review-17thof August 2021
Selctions from the album „ Ludovico Roncalli-Complete guitar music”- CD Review, 15th of August 2021
Selections from the album "Vesperae in exaltatione Sancte Crucis" - CD Review, August 15th, 2021
Andras Schiff and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightment - Music box, August 16th, 2021
Baroque album – violinist Nicola Benedetti and Benedetti Baroque Orchestra, recordings published under the logo of the Decca house on July 16th, 2021
The harpist Jana Bou¹ková- selection from the album "Mávlast" - CD Review, 17th of August 2021
Thursday, 14 (6)
Guitarist Irina Kulikova- the album ‘La Forêt- DrieRivieren’; The Band Bandonegro and vocalist Andres Martorell- selections from the album `Tangostoria’- CD Review, July 27th 2021
Marek Polanski, the violinist – “Duranowski album, Kaczkowski – first polish fastidiousness for violin”; Fabian Muller, the pianist – selection from the album “Passionato” – CD Review, 20th of July 2021
Violinist Francisco Fullana—“Bach’s long shadow” album–CD Review. August 3rd, 2021
Pianist Alice Sara Ott – selections from the 'Echoes of life' album - Music box, 9th of August 2021
Gustav Mahler – The Song of the Earth (Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, conductor Long Yu) – Music Box, August 2nd 2021
Urban Piano Quartet - selections from the album “Piano quartets” - CD Review, the 06th July of 2021
Wednesday, 13 (3)
Guitarist Gaëlle Solal - selections from the album "Tuhu" - CD Review, July 6th , 2021
Breakthrough album, released on June 4th, included in the Discs of the Year 2021 project.
The Pianist Isata Kanneh Mason – selections on the “Summertime” album ; The Pianist Kit Armstrong – selections on “The visionaries of piano music” album – Music box, 19th of July, 2021
Tuesday, 12 (5)
Gustav Mahler – Symphony no.6 with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, chief conductor Kirill Petrenko - Music box, the 14th of June 2021
The pianist Niu Niu - Fate&Hope - Music box, 28th of June 2021
Integral Dmitri Shostakovich with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conductor Andris Nelsons - Music box, June 28th and July 5th, 2021
The "Baroque Wroc³aw" Ensemble, conductor Andrzej Kosendiak - selections from the "Jacek Ró¿ycki" album - CD Review, June 29th, 2021
Juilliard Quartet – 75 years of existence – Music box 21st of June 2021
Monday, 28 (1)
Pianist Zlata Chochieva - album '(re) creations' - CD Review June 22nd, 2021
Tuesday, 15 (2)
Works by Claude Debussy with Martha Argerich, Berlin State Chapel, conductor Daniel Barenboim - Music box, June 7th, 2021
‘Notos’ Quartet- ‘The Schonberg Effect’ album- Music Box, May 31st, 2021
Wednesday, 26 (2)
Baritone Matthias Goerneand pianist Seong Jin Cho–the album 'Im Abendrot' - Music box, May 24th, 2021
Lucas & Arthur Jussen - The Russian Album - Music box, May 17th, 2021
Thursday, 20 (1)
Giacomo Puccini - La Fanciulla del West - Opera in reference interpretations, May 16th , 2021
Monday, 17 (1)
Piotr Anderszewski - Johann Sebastian Bach - CD Review, May 14th, 2021
Wednesday, 12 (1)
Guitarist Milos Karadaglic - album 'The moon and the forest'
Tuesday, 11 (1)
The piano player Aaron Pilsan - book I item from “The Well-Tempered Clavier” - Music box, April 26th, 2021
Tuesday, 20 (2)
Jesu, meine Freude with BachWerkVocal - Music box, April 19th 2021
Oboist Albrecht Mayer and the Bremen German Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra - Music box, April 12th, 2021
Tuesday, 6 (1)
Kim Andre Arnesen - Holy Spirit Mass; Music box, April 5th
Wednesday, 31 (1)
Pianist Benjamin Grosvenor - works by Franz Liszt - Music box, March 29th, 2021
Wednesday, 24 (2)
Leipzig 'Gewandhaus' Orchestra and conductor Andris Nelsons - Music box, March 22nd, 2021
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, conductor Manfred Honeck - Music box, March 15th, 2021
Wednesday, 10 (2)
The violinist Hilary Hahn –the ‘Paris” album, the 8th of March, 2021
Lina Tur Bonet - violin and Aurelia Visovan - piano. Album 'Sonata lunaticã' - Music box, March 1st, 2021
Thursday, 25 (1)
Pianist Daumants Liepins - Music box, February 22nd, 2021
Tuesday, 23 (2)
Genova & Dimitrov – Rachmaninoff: Complete Works for Piano Duo – CD Review, October 5-7th 2020
‘I am Hera’ – soprano Hera Hyesang Park’s first solo album
Wednesday, 17 (1)
The violinist Daniel Hope and the pianist Alexey Botvinov – Music Box, 15th February 2021
Tuesday, 16 (1)
Daniel Hope and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra – Serenades – Music box, 8th of February 2021
Wednesday, 3 (1)
Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, conductor YannickNezet Seguin - Rachmaninov, vol. 1: Music box, February 1st
Monday, 1 (2)
Arcadia Quartet. Integral Quartets by Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Volume 1 - Music box, January 25th, 2021
Violinist Rãzvan Stoica and pianist Andreea Stoica - album "Solitude" - Music box, January 18th, 2021
Wednesday, 13 (1)
Mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli - `Queen of baroque` - Music box, January 11th, 2021
Tuesday, 12 (2)
Children's Radio Choir - anniversary album, "Ah, what joy!" - CD Review, December 1st, 2020
The album “Beethoven - Symphony no. 5, Symphony no. 7. Radio National Orchestra, conductors Horia Andreescu, Cristian Mãcelaru”