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Listener messages. Radio România Muzical- 27

Thursday, 28 March 2024 , ora 10.27

We are touched by the warm and numerous messages we received on the occasion of Radio România Muzical's 27th anniversary. On the 24th of March, at 10.00 and 17.45, we will broadcast the messages and preferences of our listeners. We have highlighted some of these messages, for which we thank you all. We're glad to be heard all over the country, and even more than that!

"You are wonderful. I've been listening to you since 1997" (Ovidiu Marian Pascu - Bucharest)

"Congratulations for the beautiful broadcasts!" (Camelia - Timișoara)

"You amaze me every time with your creativity which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in my work as a teacher. Happy birthday!" (Diana Zene - Arad)

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RRM! You are a great radio station, with beautiful, quality and pleasant to the ear broadcasts. Congratulations and I wish a lot of strength to work to the producers and (it's a saying in Ardeal) long may that continue!!! I wish you a beautiful spring!" (Corina Trif - Satu Mare)

"Thank you for the radio programmes you broadcast and I wish you longevity. I listen to you daily and I can say that I never get bored of the musical content you provide. Thanks to Radio România Muzical I managed to get through the difficult years of university more pleasantly." (Mirela Oprea, Bucharest, 24 years old)

"Happy birthday, RRM! Congratulations and many thanks to the RRM team for the wonderful programmes!" (Adriana Benea - Bucharest)

"Happy Happy Birthday! Thank you!" (Ștefan Crișan - Livezile, Bistrița Năsăud)

"Happy birthday, RRM! Thank you for all the musical moments offered, moments that make us happy. Congratulations for all the live broadcasts and for all the projects you support!" (David Andrei Lungu, 17, Bucharest)

"Radio România Muzical is my favourite station, in fact I don't even listen to any other station. Thank you for existing". (Carmen Sandu - Blejești)

"Radio România Muzical, you are part of my life. You are with me for a few hours every day. But I am also with you with my best thoughts." (Danielis Mare - Brașov)

"What more could we wish for than QUALITY MUSIC, this gift of the soul that Radio România Muzical offers us, day after day?! It is our oasis of peace and delight, in a noisy and hectic world; it is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day or a child's smile at the crack of dawn... Congratulations to Mrs. Cristina Comandașu and the whole team! Many thanks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RADIO ROMÂNIA MUZICAL!" (Simona Manea - Sibiu)

"It was a joy for me to be able to receive the music broadcasts of your radio station in Iasi. At a time when my health was not so good, the music transmitted by your radio waves was a good accompaniment to my medication. Thank you very much for existing, I, being a great lover of good quality music. I wish you many years of broadcasting, from now on, to enjoy the souls of our music lovers!" (Nicoleta Bornaz - Iasi)

"You rock! Thank you, for everything!" (Oana Vornicu - Timișoara)

"Thank you for all your hard work every day. I enjoy the Musica viva programme and the competitions every day. I would love to listen to the piece Jeux d'eau composed by Maurice Ravel, performed by pianist Jean - Efflam Bavouzet, which is a perfect fit for the 24th of March, as time, like water, forms ripples. The past 20 years represent for us, the listeners behind the radios, as well as for you, the ripples of water called Time. Thank you for making our days sunnier. We've learnt all this time that music lifts brows, gladdens souls and helps us get through it all. P.S. The suggested piece has accompanied me on many literary and philosophical journeys. I hope that other listeners will feel, as I do, some form of mystery, peace and joy. Thank you!" (Sara Paisa, 17 years old)

"Happy New Year at least as good as the last! It was love at first hearing and I listen to you even today with the same enthusiasm." (Silvia Coman - Bucharest)

"Happy birthday my favourite radio! You have made me an obsessive listener of classical music! You are my source of energy and beauty from where I learn something new every day!" (Margo Chirilă - Bucharest)

"Happy birthday, Radio România Muzical! I love classical music and I listen to you with great pleasure in the car (it calms me down and I don't get annoyed by traffic insensitivity) or at work. You are wonderful! May you all be healthy and have a great audience!" (Gianina Iancu - Bucharest)

"Happy birthday, Radio România Muzical! Thank you for the daily delight you give me, because it is only thanks to you that I manage to keep calm in the infernal traffic of every day and because you bring warmth, elegance and beauty into our lives." (Alexandra Chirilă - Iasi)

"Congratulations and thanks for the many hours - days, years - of beautiful music and fascinating cultural information. RRM has been my favourite radio station for more than 10 years (I have been living in Romania for about +- years). Thank you!!!" (Hugo de Boom - Ghent)

"Happy birthday, Radio România Muzical! I'm glad you exist, I listen with great pleasure to your broadcasts. You have won an important place in my heart. I wish you creative, inspired ideas, success and great prospects! Good thoughts!" (Aurora Tihuniuc - Galați)

"Another year has passed that we spent together on the wings of the Great Music. I take this opportunity to thank the family of producers that is Radio România Muzical for the professionalism, dedication and love they bring to their work every day. These vibrations reach us on the airwaves and help us navigate this world full of challenges of all kinds. Happy Birthday!" (Anda Negulescu - Bucharest)

"Happy Birthday, România Muzical! Congratulations to the whole team, who delight us daily with such beautiful and inspiring programmes. You have grown with each year and we have become spiritually richer. As for preferences, I confess that I would find it hard to have a preference for a particular show. They are all wonderful. Thank you for your existence and for the music, which I listen to on Radio România Muzical, I would like to listen to Georg Friedrich Handel's Water Music Suite on Radio România Muzical's birthday. It's sunny and glorious, as are the programmes we listen to on Radio România Muzical. Happy Birthday and all the best!" (Cristina Seltea - Gheorghief - Bucharest)

"Happy birthday and congratulations to the team of editors and technicians of Radio Romania Muzical for the high quality of the broadcasts and live transmissions of major musical events around the world. Good health and all the best to you and to all lovers of good music, and much success in everything you do for your listeners." (Marian Caramalău - Pitești)

"Happy birthday to my favourite radio station!!!" (Oana Hristu - Bucharest)

"Happy Birthday!" (Natalia Tarău - Salonta)

"Happy birthday! I listen to you almost every day and thank you for the great shows and the good you do for us." (Bogdan Petrache - Corbeanca)

"Many more years of wonderful music and live broadcasts from the great European stages and beyond. Thank you for existing and I wish you as much energy as possible to go on and celebrate 50 years and more :) (Anca Ștefania Robu - Râmnicu Vâlcea)

"I particularly admire this radio station and wish you continued success." (Tudor Sturza - Bucharest)

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My best friend in the car! I become a better driver with you!" (Mirela Ionescu - Bucharest)

"Keep it up. RRM is my oasis of calm in all the noise around!" (George Staicu - Bucharest)

"Happy birthday, dear Radio Romania Musical! I am grateful to you for the enchantment and the reverie that you have been transmitting to me by listening to your wonderful classical sound harmonies for 20 years! I wish you an anniversary full of joy and light in your soul! Inspiration and creativity for diversifying the program grid with news from the lives and careers of great composers and performers!" (Remus Amira - Bucharest)

"Happy birthday, my dears, thank you for all the 27 years that thanks to you have been more beautiful! Long life with joy, Radio Romania Musical!" (Crenguța Nicolae - Bucharest)

"Happy birthday Radio Romania Musical! I wish you a lot of health to the editors and all the collaborators! Thank you for bringing us light and consolation of art in our gloomy days!" (Suzana Monica Tapodi - Sf. Gheorghe)

"Unfortunately and fortunately, you are one of the few islands of culture in the muddy and fetid sea of vulgarity and stupidity flooding Romania. Please find ways to reach many more listeners. Happy birthday!" (Popa Ioan Lucian - Bucharest)

A warm "Happy Birthday!" (Romeo Istocescu - Drăgășani)

Happy birthday Radio România Muzical! Thank you for the quality of your broadcasts! (Mihai Deliman - Bucharest)

"My only wish is to increase the number of transmitters of the station so that I can catch this station continuously. In Galați, when the station is picked up, when it is not. If you succeed, everything will be wonderful. If not I'll be pretty sad !!! (Iulian Andronache - Galați)

"I'm glad to listen to România Muzical. Unfortunately in Cluj-Napoca I can only do this online. When will a local FM frequency be available? Thanks and good luck! " (Sorin Miclăuș - Cluj Napoca)

"I listen to RRM. Thank you." (Flaviu Codorean - Alba Iulia)

"Happy birthday, congratulations to the whole team and many other jazz programmes. And especially many more Romanians educated by your radio. (Luiza Toma - Bucharest)

"Good afternoon from Germany and warm whishes of happy birthday to Radio România Muzical of which programmes we listen to with great pleasure." (Adriana Marc - Germania)

"With deep and sincere affection we thank you for the constant and wonderful company which you give it to us with generosity and professionality! We start the day early in the morning and we end it with România Muzical, you are our devoted and good friends. Wherever we are and we can listen to you, we keep you with us with joy and hope! We wish to the "bouquet" of editors, technicians, the whole team good health and the same heavenly inspiration and high spirits! With the utmost consideration, Elena si Herbert Lovgren - Bucharest.

Translated by Andreea Iulia Udroiu,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year II
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu