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Articles from 2014

Tuesday, 30 (1)
The Press Conference and the Last Rehearsal with the Orchestra for the Seventy-Fifth Edition of the New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic
Friday, 19 (1)
Richard Strauss. Historical Interpretations at the 'Casa Radio' Publishing House
Thursday, 11 (1)
With 23.000 tickets sold, André Rieu announced a third concert in Bucharest on 14th June, 2015.
Wednesday, 10 (2)
In 2015 AndréRieu Will Hold His First Concert in Romania
André Rieu Announces the Second Concert in Bucharest, on 12th June, 2015
Tuesday, 9 (1)
Hurry to book a ticket to one of the most beautiful musical events at the beginning of 2015: the season tickets will be released at the 'Romanian Radio Hall'!
Thursday, 4 (1)
Blues at the Radio Hall with the Radio Big Band and Three Special Guests: Hanno Höfer, Mike Godoroja and Berti Barbera
Wednesday, 26 (1)
Radio Romania Music Invites You to the Christmas Concert of the 'Prelude' Choir
Monday, 24 (2)
Cristian Măcelaru and Gabriel Croitoru Invite Us to an Imaginary Musical Journey at the Radio Hall!
1st December - 'Romania's Musical Talents' on Radio Romania Music
Thursday, 13 (1)
Soprano Leontina Văduva Was Honoured by Radio Constanța and the Seaside Audience
Wednesday, 12 (1)
The Gaudeamus International Book & Education Fair 2014
Thursday, 2 (1)
Radio Romania Musical in Autumnal Attire
Tuesday, 16 (1)
Five European Radio Orchestras in Eight Concerts at the Second Edition of the RadiRo Festival!
Monday, 18 (1)
The Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Stephane Deneve and Mezzo-soprano Ruxandra Donose at the RadiRo Festival!
Monday, 11 (1)
The RadiRo Festival Presents Two Concerts of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Featuring Conductor Tiberiu Soare and Pianist Horia Mihail!
Thursday, 24 (1)
RadiRo - the International Festival of Radio Orchestras, the Second Edition
Tuesday, 22 (1)
The Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, live on Radio Romania Music
Monday, 19 (1)
Mădălin Voicu will Conduct at the Radio Hall
Wednesday, 30 (1)
Two Recitals at the Radio Hall and in the Alfred Alessandrescu Studio, a Space Dedicated to the Events Combining Music and Visual Arts
Thursday, 24 (1)
The Cellist Răzvan Suma - the Protagonist of a Haydn Concert at the Radio Hall and the Subject of an Original Photo Exhibition
Friday, 18 (1)
Radio Romania Music - Member of the COPEAM Steering Committee
Thursday, 17 (1)
Easter on Radio Romania Music
Wednesday, 16 (1)
Between Paris and Bucharest: BRÂNCUȘI TRIO in a Recital at the Radio Hall
Friday, 11 (1)
The Performers of the Best Classical Album of 2013 in a Recital in Bucharest
Thursday, 3 (1)
The Artistic Climax at Radio Romania Music: the Oremus album, with the Conductor Mihai Goia and the Radio Academic Choir
Wednesday, 2 (1)
The Romanian Soprano Anita Hartig in the Live Broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York
Monday, 31 (1)
Alexandru Tomescu and Cristian Măcelaru - a High-class Musical Ensemble on the Radio Hall Stage
Tuesday, 25 (1)
Again at the MET
Thursday, 20 (1)
Invitation to a Book Launch
Tuesday, 18 (1)
The European Day of Early Music - an EBU Media Project Coordinated by Radio Romania
Monday, 17 (1)
Tiberiu Soare Will Conduct 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' at the Radio Hall, in a Richard Strauss Anniversary Concert
Friday, 14 (1)
The Pianist Horia Mihail has been Invited to the 'Radio Romania Music Interviews' Show
Wednesday, 12 (1)
Eminescu, Blaga and Arghezi celebrated by the Academic Radio Choir in a performance of music and poetry
Tuesday, 4 (1)
The Pianist Sânziana Mircea and the Cellist Adrian Naidin are Invited at the "Radio Romania Music Interviews" Show
Monday, 24 (1)
Horia Mihail and Tiberiu Soare - Two Perfomer Friends and Schumann and Brahms - Two Music Composer Friends
Monday, 17 (1)
The Violin Duo Stradivarius - Guarneri and the Violin Couple Liviu Prunariu - Valentina Svyatlovskaya in an Amazing Concert at the Radio Hall
Thursday, 13 (1)
World Radio Day 2014: egta Celebrates the Power of Radio
Monday, 10 (1)
'Romeo and Juliet', the Violinist Alexandru Tomescu and the Conductor Tiberiu Soare Have a Date at the Radio Hall on 14th February
Tuesday, 4 (1)
Bach's Double Violin Concerto - 'Played in Family' at The Radio Hall
Monday, 27 (1)
Gabriel Croitoru Plays Paganini on Enescu's Violin, at the Radio Hall
Wednesday, 22 (1)
Musical works of One of the Great Bach's Sons with the Radio Chamber Orchestra
Saturday, 18 (1)
The President of Radio Romania in Private Audience with Pope Francis
Friday, 17 (1)
The Best Romanian Classical Album of 2013
Thursday, 16 (1)
Not Just Some Like Jazz: Luiza Zan in Concert with the Radio Big Band
Thursday, 9 (1)
Record Number of Concerts Provided by Radio Romania to the European Broadcasting Union in 2013