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Articles from 2015

Tuesday, 22 (1)
André Rieu announces his 2016 concert at Bucharest
Thursday, 17 (1)
The Message from the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, sent on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Children`s Radio Choir
Tuesday, 15 (1)
The three Divas - an Extraordinary Christmas Gala at the Radio Hall
Friday, 11 (1)
Romanian Radio Children's Choir - Christmas Carol Concert at Radio Concert Hall
Thursday, 10 (1)
Bach's Christmas Oratorio at Radio Hall
Tuesday, 8 (1)
Christmas Concert held by the Children`s Radio Choir
Friday, 4 (1)
From Helsinki to Bucharest: Elena Mîndru plays jazz with the Radio Big Band
Thursday, 26 (1)
Claude Debussy's music, in Sala Radio
Wednesday, 25 (1)
The Violin Duel and Enescu's Violin in 3 Spanish cities on the occasion of Romania's National Day
Tuesday, 24 (1)
Radio Romania Team awarded at the International Competition for the Professional Sound Engineers TAKTONS from Novi Sad
Monday, 9 (1)
Gaudeamus, the Book Fair with Most Readers on the Most Listened to Radio Station
Tuesday, 3 (1)
The Message of the President-Director General of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation
Wednesday, 28 (1)
100% MOZART Concert at the Radio Hall
Monday, 26 (1)
The Anniversary Concert Dedicated to Radio Romania Day Held at the Radio Hall
Tuesday, 20 (1)
Enescu's Violin Travelling through the Romanian Villages and Cities for the Fourth Time
Monday, 12 (1)
Alexandru Tomescu and the Famous Concerto by Mendelssohn at the Radio Hall
Friday, 9 (1)
'Listen to 5 minutes of classical music'- Radio Romania Music project
Wednesday, 7 (1)
THE RADIO ROMANIA BIG BAND: 66th Anniversary Jazz Concert!
Tuesday, 6 (1)
The Romanian Radio Children's Choir Has Reached the Finals of the Let The Peoples Sing Competition
Thursday, 13 (1)
The George Enescu Classical Music Festival Launches Smartphone App (iOS and Android) Downloadable from Google Play and App Store with Real-time Access to Data
Saturday, 25 (1)
The Bayreuth Festival (Richard Wagner), Live on Radio Romania Music and Radio Romania Culture
Wednesday, 8 (1)
The Opening Concert of the BBC Proms Festival, Live on Radio Romania Music
Wednesday, 1 (2)
The Media 2020 Conference – a Bridge Between Continents
Romanian Radio Children's Choir in Iași – the Last Tour before the Summer Holiday
Monday, 29 (1)
Radio Romania Music Wears the Romanian Traditional Blouse on Midsummer Day's Celebration!
Tuesday, 16 (1)
The Magic Flute and the Travelling Piano Met in Tulcea
Thursday, 11 (1)
Valentin Gheorghiu and Gabriel Croitoru - Ludwig van Beethoven's Complete Piano Sonatas - Volume IV on Radio Romania Music
Wednesday, 3 (1)
Anniversary Concert - Three Years since the Foundation of the Royal Choir
Thursday, 28 (1)
Royal Camerata at the Romanian Atheneum
Friday, 22 (1)
Bălănescu Quartet Presents 'Maria T-LIVE' @ Fratelli Studios
Thursday, 21 (2)
The Traveling Piano Has Ended Its Romantic Trip
The Romanian Radio Children's Choir Turns 'Seventy Springs' on the Romania Radio Hall's Stage
Tuesday, 19 (1)
'Do You Like Tango?' Passion Tour Performed by Răzvan Suma, will Be on the Romanian Stages Again
Monday, 18 (1)
Serenades, Arias and Overtures at the Radio Hall!
Sunday, 10 (1)
Royal Release on Radio Romania
Friday, 24 (2)
The Academic Radio Choir - 75th Anniversary: a Romanian Music Concert
Bogdan Zvorișteanu Plays his Gagliano Violin (1761) at the Radio Hall! Monday, 20th April, 2015, at 11:46
Thursday, 23 (1)
Richard Galliano Plays Mozart at the Radio Hall
Thursday, 16 (1)
Swiss Evening at the Radio Hall, with the Conductor Kaspar Zehnder and the Cellist Răzvan Suma
Friday, 3 (1)
Răzvan Suma Plays at the Inauguration of the new Office of the Romanian Cutural Institute in Lisbon
Wednesday, 1 (1)
Alexandru Tomescu at the Radio Hall, with Music by Philip Glass
Monday, 30 (1)
Beethoven-Brahms Concert with Conductor Julien Salemkour and Pianist Mirabela Dina
Friday, 27 (1)
From Britten to Romanian Roots. The Radio Children's Choir Has Won over the Greek Audience
Tuesday, 24 (2)
Radio Romania Music Has Come of Age
Pianist Alexandra Dariescu, the Youngest Romanian Musician, to whom the Royal House of Romania offers the 'Custodian of the Romanian Crown' Medal
Wednesday, 18 (1)
Two Pan - Flute Concertos on the Stage of the Romanian Radio Hall!
Friday, 13 (1)
André Rieu Announces his Seventh Concert in Bucharest on 5th June 2015
Tuesday, 10 (1)
The Music of George Enescu Crosses the Borders
Monday, 9 (2)
Alexandra Silocea's Album Release
Peter Feranec - from the Mikhailovsky Theatre in Sankt Petersburg - at the Radio Hall!
Tuesday, 3 (1)
'The Woman, the Everlasting Story' at the Radio Hall - Romanzas, Tango and Fiddle Dance Music from the Beginning of the 20th Century
Monday, 2 (1)
An ʻIncendiaryʼ Juxtaposition: Mozart versus Salieri and Cristian Măcelaru together with Alexandru Tomescu on the Stage of the RADIO HALL
Friday, 27 (1)
90 Years since the Birth of Maestro Marin Constantin
Thursday, 12 (1)
From Holland to Bucharest: Saxophonist Cătălin Milea alongside the Radio Big Band!
Wednesday, 11 (2)
Individual Tickets to the 'George Enescu' International Music Festival will be Available for Purchase on 16th February, 2015
Anniversary Concert: the Academic Radio Choir Celebrated 75 Years of Existence
Monday, 9 (1)
Valentine's Jazzy on the Jazz Season and Performed at the Act Theatre
Thursday, 5 (1)
George Enescu's 'Symphony No. 3' - the London Premiere after its Interpretation at the 2013 Edition of the 'George Enescu' International Festival
Wednesday, 4 (1)
André Rieu Announces His Sixth Concert in Bucharest, on 7th July, 2015
Tuesday, 3 (1)
Bilateral Collaboration Agreement between Radio Romania and the Czech Radio
Monday, 2 (1)
Do You Like Răzvan Suma? Răzvan Suma Performs Fauré, Tchaikovsky and Dvoűák Accompanied by the National Radio Orchestra
Thursday, 29 (1)
Valentin Gheorghiu and Gabriel Croitoru: the Complete Series of Beethoven's 'Piano and Violin Sonatas', the 2nd part, at the Romanian Radio Hall
Tuesday, 27 (1)
The Radio Children's Choir Goes in the 'Let the Peoples Sing 2015' Euroradio Choral Competition Finals
Friday, 23 (1)
Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' with GABRIEL CROITORU at the Radio Hall!
Monday, 19 (1)
Radio Romania, Always on Top!
Thursday, 15 (1)
Record Sales of the Season Tickets for the 2015 'George Enescu' International Festival: They were Sold out in the First Ten Minutes
Thursday, 8 (1)
'Casa Radio' Publishing House and the National Day of Romanian Culture
Thursday, 1 (1)
The New Year's Concert with Violinist Răzvan Stoica at the Cotroceni National Museum