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Radio Romania Team awarded at the International Competition for the Professional Sound Engineers TAKTONS from Novi Sad

Tuesday, 24 November 2015 , ora 13.16
In the period of 18th -21st November 2015, it took place the fifth TAKTONS edition, international competition in the domain of professional sound records made in the radios and in public televisions, organised by the public audio-visual service Voivodina.

For the third consecutive edition, the team Radio Romania was awarded, thus this year it received the following awards:

The First Prize for the best record, at the category of classical music - soloist, small groups - spectacle with audience (the engineer Mihai Alboaie): pop, rock, jazz - big band and orchestras - studio records (the engineer Călin Gibescu), the category of classical music - spectacle with the audience - audio-video production (the engineer Călin Gibescu),

The Second Prize for the best record at the category of classical music - small groups - studio record (the engineer Andrei Barbu), classical music - big bands - studio records (the engineer Andrei Barbu) and classical music - big bands - spectacle with audience (the engineer Daniel Corjos).

The classical music records awarded with the first prize have been realized on the occasion of the twenty second edition of the International Festival 'George Enescu' (September 2015 - Bucharest)

Other two awarded records can be listened on the Radio House CDs: The Duel of Violin, Tango with Gabriel Croitoru - violin, Liviu Prunaru - violin, Horia Mihail - piano and Trans-European Express with the Romanian Youth Orchestra, conductor: Cristian Mandeal.

The purpose of the TAKTONS competition is to obtain an evaluation and a recognition of the achievements from the domain of sound profesional records for a period of two years. At this competition were enlisted over one hundred records from ten countries, such as the media public services from: Macedonia , Slovenia , Croatia , Bosnia - Herzegovina , Montenegro , Slovakia , Romania, Austria, Hungary and Serbia.

Translated by Oana Diaconu
MTTLC, the University of Bucharest