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The President of Radio Romania in Private Audience with Pope Francis

Saturday, 18 January 2014 , ora 9.45
Radio Romania was invited on Saturday, 18th January, to partake in Pope Francis’ private audience offered to RAI, a radio and television station, on the occasion of 90 years of broadcasting and 60 years of television in Italy.

Representatives of public broadcasting and other organizations of the kind from 12 countries, including 5 popular radio stations in Europe have attended. Due to its excellent collaboration with RAI and Vatican Radio, the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company has been the only public radio station invited from the South- East of Europe, from a country with a majority of Orthodox people.

Ovidiu Miculescu, President and General Manager of SRR attended Pope Francis’ audience as the representative of the public radio station in Romania. According to the President of SRR: ‘These things happen once in a lifetime. It was an extremely moving moment. I had a brief talk with His Holiness in which I pointed out our partnership and our collaboration with RAI and Vatican Radio and at the same time I told him that it would bring us great honor if one of our orchestras dedicated a classical or sacred music concert to him. He was delighted and beyond words I saw in The Sovereign Pontiff’s look and handshake a sign of warmth and friendship, both for the radio and for Romania.’

Translated by Petronela Morosanu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest