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The State Philharmonicof Sibiu, a Special Programme on 1st December - an Interview with Conductor Cristian Lupeș

Monday, 3 December 2012 , ora 9.45
The young conductor, Cristian Lupeșhas suggested two special concerts dedicated to the National Day of Romania in Sibiu on 30th November and 1stDecember.

How would you describe the pieces in the programme?

I'm glad to talk about this. First of all, I want to compliment the town of Sibiu, and I notice the fact that they are the only philharmonicin the country and the only town that celebrate the National Day in a symphonic way, a symphonic 1stDecember . We chose the repertory together with the General Manager of the philharmonic, Mr. Ioan Bojin and with the soloist, Horia Maxim, who had an excellent idea, to perform the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by Paul Constantinescu, whom I knew only as a music lover and the minute I read the score I loved it. Now, I'm very connected with this composition, I like it a lot, it's like a fairytale - Paul Constantinescu, whom none of us has discovered so far. Valery Gergiev was answering the question raised in an interview for Radio Romania Music by Ștefan Costache- that we have to play our music first, Enescu and other musicians, if we want it to be promoted abroad. The town of Sibiu has chosen to organize this event, celebratingPaul Constantinescu with this concert on the National Day, then Tiberiu Olahwith the soundtrack of the famous movie from '71 by Sergiu Nicolaescu, with Amza Pelea as the leading actor. And what could be more beautiful on the National Day than to remember this magnific movie.

Could you say that Romanian Music has a special place in your career as a conductor?

Yes, it has. First of all, I'm really connected with modern musicians and especially with George Enescu. I have conducted some pieces rarely performed in our country such as Dixtuorul or the symphonic poem Isislast year at the festival. Next year, I'll approach the Second Symphony, the so-called nowRrhapsody. Paul Constantinescu is a musician that I appreciate a lot. I like his work of combining the Occidental style with Romanian bizantism, while Olah's style is very chameleon like. This musical compositionis opposed to Olah's musical work, the avant-garde composer of chamber music works, if we alternately come to think about this neoclassical and neoromantic suite .

Is there a message that you want to send to the audience through this concert?

Yes. Listen to Romanian music; it must be listened to not as a compromise, but because it is very beautiful and it represents us .

Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Andreea Mesescu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University