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Once more about the Iolanda Mărculescu Scholarships, in an interview with Soprano Georgeta Stoleriu

Friday, 20 January 2012 , ora 10.10
Soprano Georgeta Stoleriu offered Friday, January 13th, the Study Scholarship 'Iolanda Mărculescu' for year 2012. In memory of her Master, the artist established this annual scholarship which, starting 1995, she grants to the best student in the canto section.
We received some information regarding this event from the scholarship initiator herself, Mrs. Georgeta Stoleriu.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Georgeta Stoleriu. Behold this year, a day before your birthday, you granted two study scholarships 'Iolanda Mărculescu' offered annually to the best students in the canto section within the National University of Music in Bucharest. Who are the soloists who impressed you this time?
First I would like to say that I granted only one scholarship, the second one was granted by my former student, Felicia Filip, who has joined my approach for many years and, year after year, she grants a scholarship herself. The ones you were talking about are Elena Dincă, a soprano who is now in the first year of Master's in Cristina Floreanu's class. She received a scholarship from me for 2012. The second one is also a young lady, also a soprano, third year student in my class, Georgiana Vîrjoghe, and she received a scholarship from Mrs. Felicia Filip.
You have offered this 'Iolanda Mărculescu' scholarship ever since 1995. How did this initiative start?
I had and still have an immense gratitude for everything that she gave me, on all plans, starting from the profession and reaching the most beautiful human examples and I felt at a given point, after two years since she disappeared, that I somehow have to render homage to her memory. I noticed that the students have various needs, among which the material ones. I set each year a few students that I observe and, in the beginning of the year, close to my birthday, because I like to offer myself this gift on my birthday, I grant this scholarship, always to a student that is not in my class.
Janina Bădici
Translated by Alexandra Ilie and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University