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Tour Event 'Va place Bach' (Do You Like Bach?) - Three Premieres in Classical Music

Friday, 2 March 2012 , ora 9.35

Cellist Razvan Suma, Romanian Radio Band concert soloist, starts today the tour event 'Va place Bach' (Do You Like Bach?), event which brings three premieres in classical music: the first performance by a Romanian artist, in a single concert, of Johann Sebastian Bach's entire suites for solo cello, the first solo tour of the musician and a multimedia show with projections on translucent billboards.

How is the tour to be performed?

We will tour eight cities in Romania, but we also had an appendix, Resita. We are now heading for Brasov, which is the starting point of the tour 'Va place Bach?' I am talking about 'us' because, with me, there is Tom Brandus, who accompanies my playing with visual arts, with projections made on translucent billboards, which are interconnected with Johann Sebastian Bach's entire suites.

Without a doubt, Bach music lovers are thrilled by your initiative. Do you believe that those who do not listen to Bach can be persuaded to do so?

It is an attempt, firstly ours, to make Bach's music known to the general audience. I believe that, eventually, everything comes down to each individual's wish to know more about international music. Bach is a giant, he is a monument, and I think he should be known by everyone. We are trying to make him known by every means available, to adapt to today's youth language by showing these projections. I don't really know if something like this was ever attempted on Bach's entire suites. I would not call it a first, because it is very tempting to say that this has never been attempted before, but we are trying to bring something new, at least to the Romanian cultural environment.

Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Florina Sămulescu
MTTLC, Bucharest University