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Corina Belcea-Fischer - an Interview about an European Tour

Monday, 7 May 2012 , ora 8.35
For the past few weeks you have travelled in Italy, at Genoa, in Spain, at Madrid, in Germany, at Hamburg, again in England, at Gateshead, and you are now in Austria, at Vienna. How do you manage to resist?

For the time being we are fine. Let's see how we shall resist in the next 2 weeks, because only then do we start the biggest challenge of our career. We are beginning a cycle of Beethoven's works in Vienna and we are going to perform during 6 concerts in the next 12 days. If you ask me afterwards I'll tell you whether we have managed to resist or not. We hope everything will be fine. Here, in Vienna, we feel like home because ever since the last year we have been a resident quartet and we have performed here many times. It is our great pleasure and honour to come back here at the Viennese public and at this wonderful concert hall in Konzerthaus. It is a true pleasure and we hope it will be all right.

I have heard that you will record some concerts, is it true?

Yes, precisely this morning we have started recording. All the concerts will be recorded HD and they will probably be broadcasted on Mezzo someday, I do not know when, but this is the idea to have the entire project recorded on a DVD.

Do you intend to release this DVD at some point? When do you think this may be ready?
Probably no sooner than the beginning of the next year (2013), because then our last CD with these quartets will be released as well. We have already started recording it; the first CD will be released at the beginning of the next month, afterwards a set of two or three CDs will be released in October and another one at the beginning of February. The DVDs will be released probably around the same time.

When shall we have the occasion to listen to you again in Romania?
We would come gladly but honestly the answer is that we do not know when. I cannot give you a precise date, but we hope that we shall have the occasion to perform for the Romanian public because it would please us greatly. I feel like coming home because this is the only place I feel that way. I was just saying to my colleagues the other day that before Easter I came to Timișoara to my parents, and the moment I landed I felt I was home, and that feeling is present only when I come here. For me it would be a great joy to come back and I know that my colleagues would also like to come to Bucharest. When this opportunity comes we will come back with great pleasure and we hope it will be someday soon.

Petra Gherasim
Translated by Oana Marina Siliste
MTTLC, Bucharest University