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From the Mamaia Gaudeamus Book Fair, the Saying Goes: 'Summer is Reading Time!'

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 , ora 9.05

On the shores of the sea, the festival of books is under way. After a mere three days since its opening, the Mamaia Gaudeamus Book Fair organised by Radio Romania (a collaboration between the Gaudeamus team and Radio Constanța/Holiday Radio) reached a record number of visitors compared to last year's edition.

The fifth edition of the book fair continues to draw in amateurs of holiday reading. Good books for all tastes, special offers, and endearing and friendly events await quality literature lovers until Thursday, 15th August, on the sea front opposite of the Holiday Radio station. The book fair can be visited daily between 16:00 and 23:00, and entry is free.

The Gaudeamus Police has already begun its activities and the 'agents' have started patrolling the beaches of Mamaia in search of people who are reading on the beach, to 'punish' them for their 'reading deeds', with books and surprise prizes offered by the organisers of the book fair.

The inhabitants of Constanța who wish to contribute with donations to the Books Are Coming back Home project are encouraged to bring the volumes they no longer need to the Gaudeamus fair so that they may be gifted to those who cannot otherwise afford them. The inventory of books already collected during the first two days of the fair has already exceeded, through the generosity of the public, 500 volumes.

For additional information on this year's edition of the Mamaia GAUDEAMUS Book Fair, please visit the website www.gaudeamus.ro, where the catalogue of participants and the full schedule of the events are available, or get in contact with the GAUDEAMUS Secretarial Office. Contact: Cornelia Scarlat (phone no.: 0745 109 648, e-mail cornelia@gaudeamus.ro).

Radio Romania
Translated by Șerban Dudău and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest