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Radio Romania - The Great Prize in the 'Taktons - Beautiful Sound' Competition in Novi Sad

Monday, 18 November 2013 , ora 8.23
Radio Romania won six prizes in six categories and the great prize in the 14th edition of the "Taktons - Beautiful Sound" Festival-Competition, which took place in Novi Sad, the capital city of the Serbian province of Vojvodina during 13th - 16th November, 2013.

More than 100 recordings took part in the competition; they were evaluated from a technical point of view, not from that of the content. Radio Romania has entered the competition with 30 different recordings. This year mass media from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, and the host country, Serbia, were present at the "TAKTONS" Competiton.

Radio Romania took part in the festival for the third time, while in 2011 they won six prizes. "TAKTONS" is a biannual international competition for professional audio engineers, an event which came into existence approximately 30 years ago.

The purpose of the competition is to have a general view on the latest achievements in the field of professional sound recording over the last two years as well as a professional evaluation of the technical quality of recordings.

The competition contributes greatly to promotion of radio and television programmes and it is also a challenge for all programme creators, who can thus improve their knowledge and skills.

During the competition, well known radio and television equipment producers offer participants as well as visitors the possibility to familiarize with the latest devices.

Another strong point of the "TAKTONS" competition is that it gives both contestants and visitors the chance to test and hear equipments that function in real acoustic conditions.

Translated by Anca Gheorghiu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest