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Christmas in Three Special Concerts at the Radio Hall

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 , ora 9.53
Every year the winter holidays bring to the Radio Hall a series of varied events for all ages and all tastes so that Bucharest music lovers receive a well-deserved musical gift at the end of the year. In 2013 the concert series opened with the concert of Radio Children’s Choir (7th December) and the National Radio Orchestra with ‘The Nutcracker’ (13th December) and will festively end with the third edition of the extraordinary gala ‘The Three Divas’ (20th December).

Between these events, three consecutive concerts dedicated to Christmas are especially programmed for you! Saturday, 14th December (at 17:00) is the turn of our ancestors’ carols to reach the audience through the most appreciated traditional ensembles from all the folkloric regions of the country. The event is a continuation of twenty three years in which the carols concert and the traditional wishes never missed the Radio Hall stage.

Under the title ‘INCEPEM A COLINDA’, our traditions and customs as they are kept at the fireplace of the Romanian village, they arrive with followers at Bucharest: ‘Junii Crișului’ Ensemble from Dieci - Arad county, Gavril Prunoiu and ‘Doruri Muscelene’ Group - Argeș county, Alin Năstase, Cristian Năstase, Georgiana Păduraru and The Group of Carol Singers ‘Cetină de pe Bacău’ - Bacău county, Carmen Sarcină, Ion Drăgan, ‘Gorjanca’ Group and The Traditions Ensemble ‘Roua’ - Cloșani - Gorj county, Dubașii from Sacamas - Ilia - Hunedoara county, The Group of Carol Singers from Ieud - Maramureș county, Mihaela and Ciprian Istrate, The Group of Carol Singers from Daneș - Mureș county, Marcel Părău and The Group of Carol Singers from Mihăileni - Sibiu county, Pamfil Roată and ‘Bistrița Aurie’ Ensemble - Ciocănești - Suceava county, Maria Murgoci and ‘Țara Vrancei’ Ensemble - Vrancea county, Iulia Bucur and ‘Copiii Mociului’ Ensemble - Cluj county, Ancuța Corlățan, Alina Ceuca, Nicușor Micșoniu and Ionuț Apătăchioaie. The concert will be presented by Natașa Raab.

If at Ester you experienced the atmosphere of The Resurrection through the recital proposed at that time by Paula Seling, the time has come for you to see again the famous interpreter at Radio Hall, with who you will begin your winter holidays.

On Monday, 16th December (at 19:00), a beautiful concert will be held by Radio’s Big Band and the conductor IONEL TUDOR, event which will have the most loved carols and songs dedicated to The Nativity. You will hear selections of songs from four carols albums released by the soloist until now, as well as some of the most popular songs of hers. In the first part of the event, Paula Seling will be accompanied by her own band.

On Tuesday, 17th December (19:00), SPIRIT BRASS ENSEMBLE - a novel ensemble in the world of Romanian music - invites you, waiting for the winter holidays, at a beautiful carols concert. You will gladly hear again international hits as ‘White Christmas’, or ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, but you will also hear a selection of Romanian carols, all of these in the unique sonority specific for brass. Directed by the conductor MIHAI CEASCAI (Radio National Orchestra’s head of tuba), the ensemble proposes a special artistic experience for the music lovers in which the brass instruments, sometimes accompanied by instruments of persecution, are the only used instruments. The brass band repertoire is extremely popular in the USA and Western Europe.

The tickets are available on www.bilete.ro, at the Romanian Post office, at the Inmedio Stores signaled ‘bilete.ro’, the Germano Stores and the Radio Hall’s Booking Office.

For more information about The Orchestras and Radio Choirs, please visit the website www.orchestreradio.ro or www.orchestreradio.com.

Translated by Corina Gîdea and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest