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170 years without Chopin: Polish pianist Beata Bilińska plays Chopin at Radio Hall

Wednesday, 6 November 2019 , ora 9.34

Sensitivity. Romanticism. Poetry morphed into music. These are some of the words associated with creation, but also with the life of CHOPIN, the great composer and pianist of Polish and French origin, the poster child for the Romantic hero. Chopin has dedicated his 39 years of life to his love for piano, which he transformed into a "star" instrument, surpassing its technical limits through his compositions, and, by doing so, elevating the performance to an unprecedented level. He has not compose large pieces, on the contrary, one might call them "pocket-sized", all highlighting the qualities of the piano: ballades, nocturnes, waltzes, mazurkas, polonaises, sonatas, and so on.

Friday the 8th of November( 7 p.m.), on the 170th anniversary of Chopin's passing into history, fellow Polish pianist, BEATA BILŃISKA, will interpret some of Chopin's pieces at Radio Hall, together with the National Radio Orchestra: Variations on Là ci darem la mano, Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise.

Following his graduation at Warsaw Conservatory, Chopin made his debut in Vienna with Variations on Là ci darem la mano, composed at only 17 years old and inspired by Mozart's famous composition, Don Giovanni. The highlight of his career was marked by another great composer- Schumann - who, upon listening to his piece, declared "Hats off, gentlemen! A genius!"

Translated by Zamfir Lavinia Corina, Universitatea București,
Facultatea de Limbi și Literaturi Străine, MTTLC, anul I