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The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation launches the national selection for the 2021 Young Talents scholarships.

Monday, 23 November 2020 , ora 14.25

The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation comes in support of the talented young people from all over the country, who can apply until December 18th for becoming young scholars of the Young Talents programme, in the 14th edition of this project.

Acknowledged as the best Art and Culture programme in Romania and laureate at the Civil Society Gala, Young Talents is addressed to young people studying at visual arts and music high schools and universities, who come from families with modest incomes. Thus, the programme creates equal opportunities for the young Romanian artists, giving them the chance to cultivate their potential, to express their talent and to remark themselves, regardless of the social environment they come from.

The program includes benefits and opportunities which are granted for one calendar year and which can help the young artists in building a career: artistic development scholarships, an intergenerational mentorship programme and promotion activities. In 2021, considering the pandemic conditions, the activities of the Young Talents programme will be adapted to the virtual environment, and the promotion of the students will take on new forms of manifestation, including a series of unconventional events.

The individual scholarships for artistic development of up to 2000 Euro can be used for the purchase of materials and instruments necessary to the realization of the artistic activity or for participation in courses or different competitions, festivals and exhibitions in the country and abroad;

The intergenerational mentorship sessions give young people the chance to interact with personalities of the artistic and cultural life, and the masterclasses and workshops held by well-known artists support them in perfecting their skills.

The promotion of the artistic creations towards the public is realized by creating artistic portfolios and by participating in concerts, recitals and exhibitions organized by the Foundation and its partners.

The national selection for the young scholars of 2021 is open to pupils and students from the arts and music high schools and universities in the country, aged from 14 to 24 years. The selection takes place in two stages, which initially consist of the evaluation of the candidates' file in December and then there is the artistic evaluation, realized in January by a prestigious specialized jury composed of personalities in the art world. The complete file must be sent until December 18th, 2020, at the e-mail address: tineretalente@principesa.ro and the results will be announced in February 2021. Details about the eligibility criteria and the method of application can be found HERE.

Every year Romania loses talented young people, musicians and visual artists - who don't have the opportunity to develop and manifest their talent due to lack of resources or necessary guidance. Through the Young Talents scholarships, the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation ensures the valorisation of real talents, offering young people a true springboard and taking them one step closer to the fulfillment of an artistic destiny.

The Young Talents national programme is supported by partners and sponsors, but also by individual donations collected by texting ART at 8864, through which the public can donate 4 Euro per month within the Romania needs art campaign.

Translated by Lica Alexandra,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu