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ROMANIA’S NATIONAL DAY. Alexandru Tomescu, unique performance of the national anthem on Stradivarius Elder-Voicu, for promoting our country worldwide

Friday, 27 November 2020 , ora 19.18

The celebration of Romania's National Day will be marked by the Romanian Cultural Institute through a series of online events that aim to promote the Romanian culture and civilization. Concerts, exhibits, conferences held by representatives of the Romanian artistic creation will spread and consolidate worldwide the values and cultural patrimony of our country. And their support and promotion is made by the Romanian Cultural Institute, which, through its 18 representatives on three continents, exposes them to the international public on the 1st of December, as well as around this anniversary date.

The main artistic discourse through which we'll present the cultural Romania to the world will be the unique performance of the national anthem by the famous Alexandru Tomescu at the Stradivarius Elder-Voicu violin. The recording will be broadcasted live on all the communication channels of RCI (website, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) from the country, but especially from abroad: Beijing, Berlin, Bruxelles, Budapest(with a filial at Seghedin), Kishinev, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Venice, Wien.

"I think that a real celebration cannot exist in the absence of music. It's a great joy and honour for me to be able to present to all Romanians, on the occasion of the National Day of Romania on the 1st of December, my most spectacular concert of this year, in which I explored together with the bandoneon artist, Omar Massa, music from all around the globe. But I think the most beautiful and emotional piece I played on the Stradivarius Elder Voicu violin, that moves every single Romanian, no matter where he is, what's his religion or social statues, is the Romanian National Anthem. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROMANIA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL ROMANIANS!" declares Alexandru Tomescu, violinist and elite permanent soloist of the National Radio Orchestra from Bucharest.

The interpretation of the national anthem will precede a concert recorded at the Radio Hall especially for this national anniversary held by RCI:the "Piazzolla 99" show, within the Stradivarius International Tour 2020, with the artists Alexandru Tomescu, playing on the Stradivarius Elder-Voicu violin, and Omar Massa, playing the bandoneon, that brings to the public two sides of the violin-bandoneon duet.Furthermore, the concerts includes the piece "A Cry for Solitude" by Dan Popescu, inspired by the painful realities of the pandemic generated by the Covid virus and dedicated to all of those who suffered from this illness and also to those who fight against this virus. The "Tango Avincis" piece is signed by Omar Massa and was inspired by the tumultuous stort of a Romanian family throughout centuries. The program included "The Hora of Unity" of George Enescu, a less known piece of the great composer, being composed by the young Enescu in 1917, just a year before The Great Union; "The Ballad" of Ciprian Porumbescu, a piece that need an introduction no more, that will however be interpreted in premiere, the bandoneon in dialogue with the Stradivarius Elder-Voicu violin bringing the melancholy of the South American sonority.

"We put up a great tour, me, Alexandru and the entire team. It has been difficult sometimes because of the covid-19 restrictions, but the most important aspect is the possibility of bringing music in all the corners of the world, especially during these times. I realize once more something that I already knew from my previous tours: for Romanians music is like oxygen. That's something that always fascinated me and brought me joy when going to Romania. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROMANIA!", wishes Omar Massa.

Artistic mini tour in Ireland about traditions from Moldavia, Transylvania and Walachia

,,Romanian Rhapsody/ 3 for Romania" is a innovative multimedia event, signed by RCI, which reflects traditions from three Romanian provinces, Moldavia, Transylvania and Walachia, through three art forms, music, visual arts, poetry and three types of music - classical, traditional and contemporary. The project specially organized for Romania's National Day will be broadcasted between 3rd-5th December on the social media platforms of RCI, the Romanian Embassy at Dublin, the artists involved in the project and the partners.

The musical project is organized by CelloVision Ensemble and with the support of the Irish partners Courthouse, Galway, Mermeid Arts Centre, Bray, South Dublin, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork and The Cultural Radio Departmentof the Irish Television.

The show is based on an ongoing interaction between live artists and audio pre recordings, alongside live and prerecorded images. This concert format,,,Romanian Rhapsody/ 3 for Romania", already stole the European public through its three successful shows, selected and performed within the famous EUROPALIA ROMANIA Festival, as well as through the ones organized under the aegis of,,Romania 100". In the new edition of this format,,,Romanian Rhapsody 2020" will present to the public wonderful musical jewels, both traditional and classical, from the three historical regions of Romania, each artist interacting online with the Irish public, offering in this way a closer look of the Romanian culture and inciting it to inform itself and explore the traditions and millenary Romanian lands.

The Romanian artist that perform live and/or prerecorded are the cellist Adrian Mantu, the initiator of the project, and Mihai Cucu -percussion instruments and the visual artist of the concept, alongside their guests: the pianistSinziana Mircea, the soprano Ioana Constantin Pipelea, the pianist Anita Petrovski, the dancer Anastasia Grigore, as well as the writer Shannon Kuta Kelly.

The concert from the 3rd of December will take place at Courthouse from Galway and it will focus on the interaction between the cello played live by Adrian Mantu and the prerecorded cellos projected on the screen, playing music from the three Romanian provinces, connected through dance and videography, realized by Mihai Cucu and Anastasia Grigore. The event from the 4th of December will take place in Dublin at Mermeid Arts Centre Bray and it will focus on the ongoing interaction between the recordings with the pianistSinziana Mircea, the dancer Anastasia Grigore and the writer Shannon Kuta Kelly, projected on the screen, and the cellist Adrian Mantu and the artist Mihai Cucu, presented live. The soprano Ioana Constantin Pipelea and the pianist Anita Petrovski will join the 5th of December concert to present one of the most popular and prestigious Romanian creations, including vocal and instrumental compositions of George Enescu, Paul Constantinescu and Doru Popovici. This last concert will take place at Triskel Arts Centre from Cork and represents the main event of the mini tour.

Furthermore, with the occasion of the Romania's National Day, the interim president of the RCI, Mirel Talos, and the ambassador of Romania at Dublin, Her Excellency Manuela Breazu, will send an online messege within the 5th of December concert.

The poetry and prose component includes works about Romania written by the famous writer Shannon Kuta Kelly, during her stay in Romania, those being accompanied by Vasile Jianu and Paul Constantinescu's music. The concerts from Mermeid Arts Centre and Triskel Arts Centre will be broadcasted live and will be available for the large public on the online platforms of RCI and if the Irish partners.

Prelections, concert and online exhibit, at the RCI London

"The Saliency of the Past: Some Thoughts on the Case of Romania", the prelections held by the reputable professor Dennis Deletant with the occasion of the Romania's National Day will be presented by the RCI in London representation in partnership with The Embassy of Romania in London, on the 1st of December 2020, on the social platforms. The event is part of the conference series organized by the RCI London with the occasion of the National Day, series that had among its participants the professors Radu Cinpoes (Kingston University, 1st December 2019) and Marius Turda (Oxford Brookes, 1st December 2018). Furthermore, the episodes within "Who is Romania", the innovative film series intended for socializing platforms whose purpose is to promote the Romanian figures, initiated by the representatives of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and created by the British historic Tessa Dunlop, will be broadcasted again on the social media platforms of the representation throughout the day of 1st December. At the same time, in the same day there will be presented online Romanian works from the European Gallery gather together under the title "Masterpieces of Romanian art". The series of events dedicated to the National Day in Great Britain will contain the extraordinary concert "London Philharmonic Orchestra: Jurowski conducts Enescu", recorded on the 2nd of December 2020 at Royal Festival Hall and broadcasted online by RCI London on the 9th of December.Organized in partnership with the famous LPO British orchestra and conducted by Vladimir Jurowski, the concert includes two pieces written byGeorge Enescu, Dixtuor and the Chamber Symphony, which are rarely played in Great Britain.

The musical-poetic show at Kishinev with the actors Nicolae Jelescu, Anisoara Bunescu, Margareta Nazarchevici and Mihaela Chiu

"My land of glory, My land of langour", a musical-poetic show dedicated to the Romania's National Day organized by the Embassy of Romania in the Republic of Moldavia and the "Mihai Eminescu" Cultural Institute from Kishinev, in collaboration with the Poetic Theatre "Alexei Mateevici" from Kishinev will be broadcasted on the TVM 2 channel, on the 1st of December 2020 and broadcasted again on the TVM 1 channel, on the 2nd of December 2020.The show was created starting from the poems of Mihai Eminescu, Vasile Alecsandri, Dimitrie Bolintineanu, Grigore Alexandrescu, Andrei Muresanu, Lucian Blaga, Tudor Arghezi, Ion Pillat, Vasile Voiculescu, Nichita Stanescu, Marin Sorescu, Ioan Alexandru, Grigore Vieru, Adrian Paunescu and other contemporary poets, evoking the events that marked the history of reunification of all Romanians (the figure of Mihai Viteazul, The Unification of the Romanian Principalities, the event of the year 1918 and the stages of the Great Union - Bessarabia, Bucovina and Transylvania) on a musical background created based on the works of Romanian classical and contemporary composers. It's a natural and stimulating poetic dialogue in which four great actors participate: Nicolae Jelescu, Anisoara Bunescu, Margareta Nazarchevici și Mihaela Chiu, in the direction of the famous actor and director Nicolae Jelescu.

Fragment from "The 3rd Letter", interpreted by Petr Vrsek in Czech, at the RCI Prague

A video with the recording of the Czech interpretation of a fragment from the poem "The 3rd Letter" by Mihai Eminescu, realized by the famous Czech actor Petr Vrsek, will be broadcasted on Tuesday, the 1st of December, on the social media platforms of RCI Prague, with the occasion of celebrating the Romania's National Day in the Czech Republic. The image in the background of the video will be the most famous picture of Mihai Eminescu, when he was 19, a picture made by the photographer Jan Tomas in 1869, in the St. Wenceslas Square in Prague. The recording was realized by Ondrej Sukoup, Czech composer of numerous sound tracks and winner of many prizes for his compositions. The text of the fragment from "The 3rd Letter" in Czech will be projected over the poet's photo.

Petr Vrsek (born in 1977) graduated from the Puppet and Alternative Theatre Department of the Academy of Theatre and Film from Prague. Since 2002 he's been working at the Ypsilon studio and acts in plays such as: "One hundred towers of Prague", "Rusalka", "A tragedy in a nutshell", "Catch Mozart". Furthermore, he writes screenplays for the Czech National Television.

The soprano Teodora Gheorghiu and the pianist Atena Carte, online concert at Accademia di Romania in Rome

The concert offered by the soprano Teodora Gheorghiu and the pianist Atena Carte with the occasion of the Romania's National Dayand the end of the 10th edition of the Propatria International Festival - Young Romanian Talents 2020 will be broadcasted online on Tuesday, the 1st of December, at 7 p.m. (8 p.m. in Romania) by Accademia di Romania on their official Facebook page. In the program there are included pieces by Ottorino Respighi, Francis Poulec, Henri Duparc, Pietro Mascagni and Giuseppe Verdi. The Propatria International Festival - Young Romanian Talents 2020 is organized by The PROPATRIA Cultural Organization in Rome, with the support of the Government General Secretary -The Worldwide Romanians Department, in collaboration with Accademia di Romania in Rome and with the patronage of the Embassy of Romania in Italy in the interval 20th November- 1st December 2020.

Recital of the pianist Sina Kloke at the RCI Berlin

The German pianist Sina Kloke, specialized in the research and interpretation of George Enescu's works, will hold a recital with the occasion of Romania's National Day, broadcasted on the RCI Berlin's site and Facebook page.In her thoroughness work of the Enesciene writings, Sina Kloke examined manuscripts of Enescu at the Romanian Academy Library, rewriting and taking over in her repertory unpublished works of Enescu, parts of them being recorded and on a CD and published in Germany in 2019.Taking into account the significance of the National Day, as well as the fact that 2020 marks a Beethovenian jubilee, the program will include works of Enescu and Beethoven.

Outdoor photographic exhibit at the RCI Warsaw

O expoziție în aer liber dedicată Timișoarei - Capitală Culturală Europeană, pornind de la proiectul local "Memoriile Cetății", realizat de Asociația Timișoara 2021, este propunerea ICR Varșovia pentru marcarea Zilei Naționale. Fotografiile însoțite de texte prezintă tipuri de intervenții artistice în spațiul public, surprinzând produsele culturale create și componenta participativă umană, cu accent pe arta stradală din Timișoara. Deschiderea expoziției pentru public la Varșovia va avea loc la 1 decembrie, în spațiul exterior al Ambasadei României din strada Chopina 10. Planșele, pregătite în limbile polonă și română, vor putea fi vizionate de publicul larg până la finalul lunii februarie 2021, expoziția putând fi prezentată și în alte orașe poloneze. Partener:Asociația Timișoara 2021.

Recital of the pianist Elena Munteanu at IRCCU Venice

The Romanian pianist Ramona Elena Munteanu will hold a recital entitled "Masterpieces of Romanian and international music. Between Enescu, Schumann, Silvestri and Chopin" at the IRCCU Venice headquarter, broadcasted on Wednesday, the 25th of November 2020, 5 p.m., on the representation's Facebook page. In the opening, after a short intervention of the Romanian General Consul at Trieste, dr. Cosmin Lotreanu, on the significance of the 1st of December day, there will be interpreted fragments from the piano reductions of the Romanian and Italian National Anthems. The recital program will include works singned by G. Enescu, R. Schumann, C. Silvestri and Fr. Chopin. Born in Cluj-Napoca, the pianist Ramona Elena Munteanu is a resident of Italy, where she attended thorough studies of music, at the "Benedetto Marcello" Conservatory from Venice and at the Dante Alighieri" University from Reggio Calabria.

Romanian artists and writers from the Benelux space, presented by Maurice Van der Speeten and Jan Willem Bos at the RCI Bruxelles

"Romanian cultural presences in Benelux" is a new series of documentaries dedicated to the contemporary creation whose purpose is to shed light on the Romanian participation within events from the cultural agenda in the Benelux space. The event will be presented on the RCI Bruxelles official Facebook page and Youtube channel, on Romania's National Day.Therefore, in the interval 25th November-7th December, Maurice Van der Speeten and Jan Willem Bos, two of the prestigious partners of the representation, will present the Romanian participations within ample events, such as The International Art Biennials from Haacht, book fairs or didactic events dedicated to literature in the Dutch-language space.

Maurice Van der Speeten, curator and founderofThe International Art Biennials from Haacht, realizes a close-up research and documentation of the Romanian participations archive at these events and describes, in an European context, the profile of the 14 Romanian artists selected throughout the time, emphasizing the contribution of the Romanian decorative arts to this domain on an international level: Cristina Ilinca and Camelia Neagu-Cogalniceanu (2014), Mariana Sabina Stan (2015), Mihai Topescu (2016), Ioan Nemtoi (2018), Marijana Bitulescu, Gabriela Cristu, Daniela Frumuseanu, Mariana Grumazescu Voicu, Maria Negreanu și Agatha Pricopescu (2019), Arina Ailincai, Dan Popovici and Vlad Basarab (2020-2021).

Jan Willem Bos, translator, writer, publicist, realizes in his documentary entitled "Romanian iterary presences in the Dutch-language space" an ample and very interesting retrospective.Jan Willem Bos studied the Romanian language and culture at Amsterdam and contemporary literature at Illinois, USA,and translated in Dutch over thirty Romanian writer's works.

The musicians Constantin Sandu and Radu Ungureanu, concert at The Music and Show Arts Superior School from Porto, broadcasted by the RCI Lisbon

A piano and violin recital offered by the pianist Constantin Sandu and the violonist Radu Ungureanu, prestigious Romanian musicians from Portugal, will take place at The Music and Show Arts Superior School from Porto (ESMAE), with the occasion of Romania's National Day. The musicians will perform works of George Enescu, Ciprian Porumbescu, Constantin Nottara și Paul Constantinescu. Organized by the Embassy of Romania in the Portuguese Republic and the Romanian Cultural Institute at Lisbon, the recital will be presented to the public on the social media platforms of the two institutions, on Tuesday, the 1st of December.

The recital will be preceded in the interval 27th Novemeber-1st December by a series of mirrored testimonies about Romania and Portugal. "Portuguese video postcards about Romania" of remarkable personalities, such as António Lobo Antunes, Rui Zink și Vítor Sousa, the professors Helena Carvalhão Buescu, Daniel Silva Perdigão, the architect António Castelbranco andthe journalist Leonídio Paulo Ferreira, will be presented to the public on the social media platforms of the two institutions.They will talk about the importance of their relationships with Romania, about their experiences in our country and about the impressions kept in their affective memory. At the same time, there will be presented, in avanpremiere, short excerpts from the album "Azur de Lisabona", which contains the impressions about Portugal and the Lusitanian capital of some Romanian personalities - diplomats, writers, plastic artists, musicians, theater or film actors - who had the opportunity to visit in their life this country. The album "Azur de Lisabona" will be launched in December 2020.

The concert of the Arts Clásico Quartet, at The San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts organized and broadcasted by the RCI Madrid

A concert of classical music held bythe Arts Clásico Quartet from Madrid, will be organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Madrid, in collaboration with the Embassy of Romania in the Kingdom of Spain, with the occasion of Romania's National Day. The event will be recorded in the concert hall of The San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts and broadcasted on Tuesday, the 1st of December, on the social media platforms of the RCI Madrid and the Embassy of Romania in the Kingdom of Spain. The members of the Arts Clásico Quartet from Madrid are Lavinia Olga Moraru (violin), Marian Moraru (violin), Sergio Saez (viola) and Javier Albares (cello).

"65 years of Romanian diplomacy at UN", anniversary exhibit at the RCI New York

The anniversary of 65 years since the adherence of Romania to UN is celebrated at the same time with Romania's National Day by the representation of the RCI at New York. Together with the Permanent Mission of Romania at UN the Unity of the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the RCI NY team puts up a virtual exhibit, with permanent character, to emphasize in the most informative and professional way the history of the Romanian presence at UN as part of an exceptional diplomatic history. The content will be put up as an approximate five minutes montage film which will presents through images, generics and even archive films the most important moments of Romanian diplomatic action in this multilateral for in a dynamic and attractive way and some of the diplomatic personalities that made it possible. The film will be available on the social media platforms of the RCI representation in New York.

"Romania Intemporel" and a film about The Romanian Youth Orchestra at the RCI Istanbul

The Traffic Strings Ensemble, having as members the musicians Alexandru Marian (violin I), Tiberiu Branga (violin II), Lucian Moraru (viola), Bogdan Popa (cello), Sandel Smarandescu (contrabass), Bogdan Constantin (percussion) and Vasile Raducu (pan-pipe), will held the "România Intemporel"extraordinary concert, with the occasion of Romania's National Day. The Turkish public will be able to hear them on the Facebook page of the RCI Instanbul representation, on Tuesday, the 1st of December 2020, in a recording specially realized for the Romanian Cultural Institute. The musical project proposes a "Romanian synthesis", in the concert program being present various works, from folkloric suites from Maramures to "Peșrev" by Dimitrie Cantemir or "The Romanian Rhapsody" no. 1 by George Enescu, including the National Anthem "Wake up, Romanian!".

Furthermore, the RCI Istanbul will present on its representation's Facebook page a film about the concerts held by the Romanian Youth Orchestra on the stage of one of the most prestigious concert halls from Turkey Republic - Cemal Reșit Rey. The films includes sequences from the two concerts held at Istanbul with the occasion of Romania's National Day, in 2015 and 2017, as well as a message from the cellist Marin Cazacu, manager of the "Romanian Youth" National Art Centre. The event is organized in partnership with the Romanian General Consulate at Istanbul.

Extraordinary opera gala, broadcasted online again by the RCI Tel Aviv

With the occasion of Romania's National Day, the RCI Tel Aviv reedits the Extraordinary Opera Gala at Jerusalem, whose video recording will be broadcasted on their Facebook page and Youtube channel, on the 30th of November 2020. The opera gala, which took place on Romania's National Day the previous year, reunited, in the "Henry Crown Symphony Hall" of the Jerusalem Theatre, famous names of the Romanian music, such as:Ionut Pascu, Andrei Manea, Stefan Ignat, Madeleine Pascu, Alina Dragnea, Aida Pascu, Dalila Cernatescu, Bogdan Mihailescu. The Romanian artists were accompanied by one of the most representative orchestras from Israel - Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. The show organized by the RCI Tel Aviv constituted a selective presentation of the Romanian composition school (cult and folk), in order to promote the Romanian cultural patrimony on an international level.

Translated by Codescu Paula-Silvia,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu