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Together on the National Culture Day, with the Radio House

Monday, 18 January 2021 , ora 9.08

On January 15th, Casa Radio Publishing House invites you again to a special audition in your homes, along with audiobooks and CDs that celebrate culture in all its forms.

We have prepared Mihai Eminescu's Luceafărul in three such different utterances. Three generations of Romanian theater: George Vraca, in a Radio Romania recording from June 1959, strong, sober, classic; Ion Caramitru, serious, but also playful, and Ada Condeescu, open to the contemporary listener - two recordings from 2018. Along with these interpretations, we propose, visually, a different Luceafăr: a black and white comic book designed by Alexandru Ciubotariu. An original creation, a challenge for a contemporary artist.

We thought that a selection from the radio library of the most beautiful poems in French lyric, reading an absolutely extraordinary voice, that of the actor Victor Rebengiuc, could be another way in which culture can be celebrated. The audiobook Poetic Moment… by Ronsard to Max Jacob, a celebration of poetry, through a precious voice, as an escape from reality, the voice of Victor Rebengiuc over the years, between 1966 and 2006, reciting from Baudelaire, Rimbaud , Mallarmé, Verlaine.

Dinu Lipatti - Composer. Recordings from the Radio Romania Archive is the third invitation we make to our listeners and readers on National Culture Day. Dinu Lipatti's piano art, although it definitively established him in the timeless universe of great music, was only one aspect of his creative thinking. It was not infrequently stated that the deep understanding of the interpreted opposites came from Lipatti's experience as a composer, formed under the guidance of Mihail Jora and Nadia Boulanger. The album published in the Maestro Collection offers you 76 minutes with Dinu Lipatti composer (recordings from 1943 and 1997) and both composer and performer, together with the Berlin Chamber Orchestra (1943).

In the end, we are inviting you to a piano recital signed by Ilinca Dumitrescu. A perfect way to end the evening with a master, with Schumann (Kreisleriana op. 16), Liszt (Mefisto Vals, a rehearsal piece of the piano repertoire), Skriabin (Prelude op. 11 no. 9, Prelude op. 11 no. 10, Prelude op. 16 no. 3) and Rachmaninov (Study-painting op. 39 no. 9), in Radio Romania recordings from 1977 and 1979.

Join us this time as well! Listen to us to feel richer spiritually and to live a few hours of pure culture.

At Casa Radio Publishing House, the big voices put the curtain aside!

More details on www.edituracasaradio.ro . Follow us on the Casa Radio Publishing Facebook page for up-to-date information! And on January 15th, on the occasion of the National Culture Day, we organize a contest on the Facebook page of Radio Romania!

Translated by Alma Teodora Miron,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu