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The State Philharmonics of Sibiu decorated by the President of Romania

Tuesday, 19 January 2021 , ora 16.28

One year and five months after the changing of vision proposed by the conductor Cristian Lupeș, the institution manager, the State Philharmonics of Sibiu, receives today, January 15th, 2021 - Romania's National Culture Day - the most important distinction in its history. The "Cultural Merit" Order in rank of Great Officer, the B category - Music, bestowed by His Excellency, President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, as a symbol of appreciation for its important contribution to the cultural development of our country, for the level of effort put in the process of education through culture of the people of all ages, proving excellence at national and international level.

Cristian Lupeș, the conductor and also the manager of the State Philharmonics of Sibiu, wrote a message to express his gratitude:

Dear president Klaus Iohannis,

This distinction places the State Philharmonics of Sibiu besides the other cultural institutions recognized in the city and county. We are honored and we remain grateful.

In 1778, the cultural life of Sibiu marked the performance to establish the Hermanstadt Musikverein association, just one year after the establishment of Musikverein in Vienna.This 240-year tradition of music is added to 72 years of Philharmonic institution in Sibiu.

The model of urban cultural development and the success obtained in 2007 are still unmatched by the cities holding the title of European Capital of Culture.

The models that supported and inspired us(the State Philharmonics of Sibiu) are the Sibiu International Theater Festival, led by Constantin Chiriac and Astra Film Festival, led by Dumitru Budrala

Thank you for the effort, involvement and creativity of the people who make up the Sibian philharmonic team, for understanding the change of course and vision that we have proposed. We want to give a European cultural institution to the people.

We thank those who take care of us and constantly support the cultural phenomenon: Sibiu County Council, without whose support we could not achieve so many things and the City Hall of Sibiu, our constant partner

Romania is used to cataclysms, with or without a pandemic or restrictions.

History shows us that regardless of past or present sociocultural catastrophes, artists and people of culture have not given up and found resources through which they have morally supported society and soothed the souls of people.We try with dignity to be generous with the present and responsible in relation to posterity

Mr. President, we are grateful that you have noticed our effort and we promise to continue to do what we know best: MUSIC.

The Philharmonics team thanks the Sibiu public, our volunteers and friends from Romania and abroad, who are with us and support us with applause in the hall and online.We thank the Sibiu County Council - with the support of which we carry out our activity - and all our partners. We invite you to join us and in 2021, we are preparing a year full of special events and surprises.

Translated by Gruia Alexandra,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu