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On The World Water Day, the National Administration of ‘Romanian Waters’ together with the children from Cantus Mundi are launching in national premiere ‘WATER SONG’

Wednesday, 17 March 2021 , ora 10.13

The Cantus Mundi National Program from Romania and the National Administration of 'Romanian Waters' are launching on the 22nd of March, on The World Water Day, the first participative sonorous project dedicated to water, created by the children from Romania.

The 'Water Song' production represents an original collective musical creation, realized in national premiere with children participating from the community of 60.000 members of the Cantus Mundi National Program, the biggest program of integration through music from Romania, supported by the 'Madrigal-Marin Constantin' National Chamber Choir.

"Together with our partners from the National Administration of 'Romanian Waters' we continue develop our creative initiatives dedicated to environmental protection with another inedited project, this time dedicated to the treasuring of a fundamental resource, the water. Cantus Mundi is a project that unites children through music and nature, in this case, the water and its music, represent inexhaustible sources of sonorous inspiration. At the same time, we wish that through our projects children should be aware of the importance of the environment that surrounds them, to involve in its protection and, together, to send a responsible message to the world using the universal language of music" - declared Emil Pantelimon, the manager of the 'Madrigal-Marin Constantin' National Chamber Choir.

'Water Song' will be launched on the 22nd of March as a video that will contain recordings sent by children with sounds of water from nature, of water courses that they are fond of and which are representative for their region. These recordings will be mixed with the voices of the program choirs, as well as with sonorous interventions of theYoung Beats percussion ensamble of Cantus Mundi, coordinated by the musicians Zoli Toth and Bogdan Pop.

"Water is the most important natural resource on our planet and a clean water is the guarantee of a healthy life. That's why alongside the global slogan 'Cherish the water' we put the one promoted by our institution in the last 15 years: "Let's keep the waters clean!" and which should be a life principle for all of us", ing. Laszlo Barabas, general director of the National Administration of 'Romanian Waters'.

The 'Water Song' creation is realized within the international campaign - UN WATER 22 March WORLD WATER DAY 2021, developed through the United Nations program under the slogan 'Cherish the water'. This year the United Nations Organization's approach for the World Water Day, instituted at a global level in 1992 and celebrated in Romania since 1993, focuses on the collective awareness of the importance of the water from our lives, as well as on its ecological, social and cultural valorizationin the modern society.

Translated by Codescu Paula-Silvia,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu